Keeping Your Sanity While Running Errands with Kids

Ok, so I know there are other adventurous moms out there who decided it would be fun to have kids back to back, such as myself.

Having 3 kids in 3 years has definitely been an adventure, but not always a fun one. For example, when I leave the house.

Leaving the house is literally a cardio workout each and every time. It is even more stressful when I have to be somewhere on time. Or how about just having to manage 3 little people in public? It is pretty wild!

Running errands with kids

I am outnumbered 3:1. So I have to be pretty strategic about leaving the house on time & maintaining some sense of sanity while out in public. Here are a few tricks I have up my sleeve for keeping my sanity while running errands with kids.

  1. Multitask wisely. I know some people believe multitasking is a myth, but I’m telling you, it can work. I try & do my makeup while we are eating breakfast. It sounds crazy, but it works every time. I scarf down my eggs and fruit and begin my makeup while still singing fun songs and engaging with my boys. We actually make it fun! I ask them to tell me colors using my eyeshadows or make my 3-year-old count the colors in a palette.
  2. Use the night before wisely. When I know there is something going on the next day, I always prep the night before. After baths while my husband is getting their pajamas on, I pick out everyone’s clothes for the next day. Once their clothes are laid out, I load up the diaper bag with all the “occupy your children” essentials. This saves so much time in the morning and has helped me not leave my house at the time  am actually supposed to arrive somewhere.
  3. Snack, toys, & even more snacks, pack wisely. The night before when you are loading up that diaper bag or those backpacks, remember kids just always want to eat & play. Having a lot of snacks, water, & activities for them is so helpful. When we are at the grocery store, the boys love playing with their cars and eating their goldfish together in the cart. Little hot wheels & goldfish have become 2 of my closest friends.

Running errands with kids

There you have it! A few of my favorite tricks for keeping my sanity while running errands with my kids.

I must say they have worked on my boys pretty well. I’m not sure at what age these tricks will retire, but I am clinging on to them for as long as possible.

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