Birthday Gifts for 5- and 6-Year-Olds

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that half the people I know were born or had babies in March and April. There must be something in the water my friends and family are drinking in June and July because Spring time amongst our peers is a little crazy. We seem to have birthday parties every weekend and our budget looks a little like it does around Christmas time. It’s crazy. But since I’ve been frequenting birthday parties, I’ve gotten pretty good at giving gifts. I’d like to share two gift ideas with you today.


My daughter, who recently turned 6, loves to craft. She can make a craft out of anything, but having craft supplies on hand is always nice. Last year a friend from school gave her a box full of craft supplies from Target. We used it throughout the year. When a friend told me that her daughter, who had a birthday coming up, also loved to craft, I immediately thought about that box of craft supplies. But instead of spending $25 on something that someone else put together, I figured we could make our own. So off to Hobby Lobby we went!

Our craft kit included:

Purple craft tote

A package of construction paper

Pipe cleaners

Pink pom poms

A glue stick

Some google eye stickers

Smiley face stickers

A package of beads

Glitter Glue pins

Washi Tape

Altogether our craft kit cost about $16. Unfortunately, none of these items were on sale the week we went, but if they had been, we could have saved a lot of money. And it was definitely less expensive than the kit from Target we had received as a gift. Another bonus is that I know all these items can be used and will get used since my daughter asked for her own of each item. 


We love LEGOS in this house. My 3-year-old and my 6-year-old will play with them together for hours. I love when my kids received LEGOS as gifts because it’s something I actually enjoy playing with them. LEGOS help build fine motor skills, and they are great for quiet time or when older siblings are doing school work. 

If you’re hesitant to purchase LEGOS for younger kids, I would suggest the LEGOS Junior series. This series is advertised as being for 4- to 7-year olds, but my 3-year-old loves his Super Hero LEGOS Junior set. 

And if the cost of LEGOS intimidates you, I totally get it. However, even the $6 to $10 sets are enjoyable for my kids and make a great addition to their growing collection. You can also check out Target for sets of LEGOS on clearance. We’ve given the LEGO Creator series as a few gifts, and they seem to give you the best bang for your buck.

A box of LEGOS and a Craft Kit are both items that I would be thrilled for my kids to receive as gifts. What are some of your favorite gifts to give or receive for your kids?

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