Mom Brain and Hotels :: A Bad Combination

Mom Brain: All those articles you read when you are pregnant talk about it. How you will forget everything and feel like you’re losing your mind. They say it can start during pregnancy, and you foolishly think you’ll be fine when it doesn’t. Ha ha. NO WAY.

Fast forward to 14 months of minimal sleep and a child who thinks sleep is optional, and you’re screwed. You will never be certain that you locked the doors before you left the house or secured the dogs in their kennels. Shut the garage door? Locked the car? Who knows? Better check just in case, or hope no one broke in while you were at the grocery store.

These are the things that my mom brain does to me anyway. The worst though is when we go on a trip . . . 

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Packing isn’t awful, my mom brain can handle that. It’s the hotel. I am constantly leaving things there and realizing it like 3 days after we get home when it’s too late. The phone call to the hotel usually starts like this:

“Hi…. Umm we stayed in room 321 and checked out 4 days ago, but I just realized I left a pair of earrings, my gym clothes, and a sippy cup in the room. Is there any chance you have it?” 

“Let me check with housekeeping. Mrs. Perry. Can you hold a minute?”

“No problem”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Perry, but we don’t have anything in the lost and found.”

“UUUUGGGGHHHH . . . I’m such a moron.” 

Thankfully we don’t stay at hotels very often. We usually visit family. So I am only down 2 bathing suits, a pair of earrings, a bra, and some workout clothes at this point. The other day I was on the phone with a hotel pleading with them to find my daughter’s bunny that she sleeps with, when my husband pulled it out of his backpack. That was awkward.

I think the reason I forget things at hotels is because I often don’t have the opportunity to do a good walk through before we leave. Usually the baby is upset because she’s hungry. And I’m trying to get ready as fast as I can so we can get out and moving. Meanwhile my husband is trying to placate her with the Disney Channel and snacks from the diaper bag. No one has time for more than a glance at the faux granite counter in the bathroom that is so good at hiding earrings. Nor do I remember to look in the closet that we can’t go near because the baby will want to play with the door and scream when you move her away from it. 

After our last trip I decided that from now on I will have my husband take the baby and a suitcase and head downstairs without me when we checkout. Then I will take a minute to search the room for whatever it is that I have left behind, because I know it’s bound to happen. We’ll see if that works . . .

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