One Mom’s Open Letter to Toys “R” Us :: Oh, the Memories!

Toys "R" Us Albuquerque Moms Blog

Toys “R” Us can’t be closed…

Driving past one of your many closed Toys “R” Us stores today brought on a lot of emotions. With three little girls in the car, it was hard passing this once amazing place. A place that just months before, excited squeals could be heard from the backseat. This place was once a fun store of pure kid happiness. Now, as we keep driving we are wondering what new business will fill that huge shell of a play place. As we were sadly talking about new business possibilities, I found myself reminiscing about all the FUN I had there as a kid.

I found myself telling my girls all my stories of  when I was little.

My parents and grandparents would take me for bringing home good grades, or in preparation for the holidays to pick out the newest, latest, and greatest. I remember receiving the coveted Geoffrey the Giraffe Birthday postcard (getting your own mail at that age was huge!!) As I’m telling my girls these stories it dawns on me that this store closing (all stores for that matter) really is…the end of an era! 

Toys "R" Us Albuquerque Moms Blog

As a parent, I’m worried about receiving the next birthday party invitation…

Toys “R” Us was always a convenient stop the day of the party to pick up a quick gift. There was also the convenience of putting toys on layaway in October so it didn’t break the bank in December. (Hello, shopping for three girls is not cheap!) Now I have to anticipate the invites coming in and make sure the toys are shipped and wrapped before the event, if I can’t find them locally. If you’re a fellow mama then you know how virtually impossible this is.  

To be completely honest, the super-stores that we HAVE to shop at now are extremely limited in their stock. Even more so when your looking for a specific age group or item. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Target, Amazon and Walmart. However, I love them for completely different reasons other than their toys. 

It comes down to this…

When a big store chain closes and evokes this kind of emotion from the masses, there really was a great thing there! I am secretly hoping that a big conglomerate sees the potential and re-opes this store of happiness (hint hint, wink wink). Both myself and my kids will always look back on Toys “R” Us with the fondest memories.


A Toys “R” Us Kid!

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