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4 Reasons to Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

Four Reasons To Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

This month our baby turns one. He’s our third and unless the Lord has other plans, we’re done, which means I’m planning our last first birthday party. As I begin weaning him, giving away clothes that don’t fit anymore and passing along our baby items, I’m feeling all the feels. We have three kids, which […]

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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time: Friend or Foe?

Congratulations, Mom!  You’ve made it through the first five days of daylight saving time!  You deserve to kick up your feet and eat a candy bar with out having to share. Who else opened up their social media this week only to find that every mom in the world had posted a gripe about daylight […]

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Pregnancy Brain-It never left me

Pregnancy Brain. It never left me

My youngest is 6 years old and I still have pregnancy brain; it never left me. I was sharp as a tack before kids. I even took the post office exam, just for fun, and did very well. Then I got pregnant and pregnancy brain kicked in. I know many of you can relate to […]

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How NOT to Sleep Train Your Baby

“Is your baby sleeping through the night?” The question that makes me want to punch right in the face anyone who asks. My blood literally (no, not figuratively – literally) starts to boil. I bite my lips as I resist the urge to straight up yell “Do I look like I’m getting ANY sleep?!” I mean let’s […]

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