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Need a Relaxing Brain Massage?

Moms need to relax more than just our bodies.  After we have reminded kids about chores, heard complaints, measured medicine, and mediated between feuding siblings, sometimes we have no mental or emotional energy left. The narrator in the television show Curious George described feeding ducks as “a relaxing brain massage.” Here are some of the things I do […]

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Ladies’ Night – Five Fun Ideas

Metro-Area Ladies’ Night Ideas for Busy and Tired Moms How many of you moms remember Ladies’ Night with the girls?  Dinner, drinks, dancing, laughter.  Wasn’t it magical? Sporting the latest fashions and trendy make-up. Sharing piles of appetizers, fattening desserts, work gossip, and tawdry secrets. Throwing back rounds of margaritas, low-carb beer, and 1/2-price Jaeger […]

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