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Mommy's Market | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Mommy’s Market :: A Must for Savvy Albuquerque Moms!

Being pregnant for the first time and preparing for your first baby is full of surprises! Who knew your breasts could get this big in such a short time?! And there are how many styles of cloth diapers?! Some jogging strollers aren’t meant for going off pavement (Seriously? This is New Mexico for Pete’s sake!) […]

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4 Reasons to Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

Four Reasons To Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

This month our baby turns one. He’s our third and unless the Lord has other plans, we’re done, which means I’m planning our last first birthday party. As I begin weaning him, giving away clothes that don’t fit anymore and passing along our baby items, I’m feeling all the feels. We have three kids, which […]

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Shopping for Kids’ Clothes on a Budget

First of all, let me just say that I’m no fashionista. Most of the time, I’m feeling pretty good if everyone is dressed (in something) and out the door on schedule. From time to time though, I do get compliments on how my kids are dressed. And I enjoy shopping for them and selecting fun […]

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