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Birthday Gifts for 5- and 6-Year-Olds

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that half the people I know were born or had babies in March and April. There must be something in the water my friends and family are drinking in June and July because Spring time amongst our peers is a little crazy. We seem to have birthday parties every […]

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Malaika Marks behind her counter of goodies!

Fun Meets Decadence at Trinity’s Custom Dessert Studio

I don’t often order dessert, especially at lunch, but when you eat at a restaurant that is connected to their bakery, you get dessert.  Last week, I tried a restaurant called Bucket Headz for the first time.  This little Southern home cooking restaurant is a hidden gem, owned and operated by veterans.  It’s an Albuquerque […]

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4 Reasons to Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

Four Reasons To Be Glad We Are Done Having Babies

This month our baby turns one. He’s our third and unless the Lord has other plans, we’re done, which means I’m planning our last first birthday party. As I begin weaning him, giving away clothes that don’t fit anymore and passing along our baby items, I’m feeling all the feels. We have three kids, which […]

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