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Albuquerque Moms Blog The Dreaded Playdate

The Dreaded Playdate

The dreaded playdate.  I honestly have never liked them.  Maybe that makes me a bad mom, or a selfish mom, but I honestly dread them. I once got all excited about a playdate, back when I only had my son and he was a lil guy.  I was a newish mom and agreed with this […]

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Mom-Dating (2)

Mom-Dating: Is She Gonna Text Me?

Mom-Dating.  It’s kinda scary and makes me feel all inadequate and pathetic. If I’m not momming, usually I’m nose-deep in a book, or in a trance in front of a Netflix show.  It’s most often a show from the 90’s that either I was obsessed with in the 90’s, or missed the bus for and […]

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Overwhelmed & Anxious: My First Weeks of Motherhood

On a cold January morning, my son initiated me into parenthood with a very fast and painful birth. In between pushes, I glanced out the window to notice snow falling. It looked so peaceful, so calm. As though the world was giving me one last moment of serenity before my new life started. My new […]

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Prenatal Depression pic 2

Prenatal Depression and How to Get Through It

In January of 2015, my husband and I found out we were expecting our third baby. This was good news and we were thrilled but more than anything, I was relieved. A few weeks before we learned our family would be growing, I kind of turned into a crazy person. It was the Monday after Christmas […]

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