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Russian National Ballet Theatre: Swan Lake

The story of the young Prince Siegfried who observes a beautiful woman transform from a simple swan in this tale of love and magic. The Russian National Ballet Theatre performs this piece to Tchaikovsky’s classic score, focusing on rich tradition from Russian ballet. A former Russian Ballet head dancer Elena Radchenko directs this classic and encourages the audience to get lost in the story.

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Annual NM Black History Festival

Celebrate the accomplishments and history of African Americans in New Mexico and all around the United States through several events throughout the month. These events include highlights of cuisine, education, arts, health and culture. Check the website for special events all month along . . . http://nmblackhistorymonth.com/. 

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Día de los Muertos | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Día de los Muertos :: Joyfully Remembering Loved Ones

Growing up in the United States, I came to associate death with scary things like illness and separation. Also, my parents never really observed Día de los Muertos. (My parents are from northern Mexico, where Día de los Muertos wasn’t historically celebrated until the 20th century. It’s historically celebrated in southern Mexico and Central America.) So when […]

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Save Money In The 505

Tomorrow is Tax Day, a day that either reminds you how much or how little you have left in the savings account. Raising a family usually forces many people to find creative ways to save money. My husband has been a full-time student our entire marriage and I work part-time from home. You could say we […]

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