Going Beyond Pinterest Crafts :: A Visit to Vamos al Museo

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I love Pinterest as much as the next mama. It is filled with yummy recipes you’ll probably never make, great outfits you’ll probably never buy, and cute craft ideas for your children that will ultimately turn into a #pinterestfail. I grew up doing crafts with my mom and would consider myself crafty-ish. However, as a parent, I have chosen to limit the amount of Pinterest-worthy crafts in exchange for allowing my children to explore art.art supplies-Albuquerque Moms Blog

I am a big proponent of process art, which focuses on a child expressing themselves through exploration of art materials and techniques. It is not about the end product, but the process of creating.

repujado supplies-Albuquerque Moms BlogEarlier this month, my family attended Vamos al Museo at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Vamos al Museo (which is Spanish for “let’s go to the museum”) is a beautiful morning of art-making for children and families. The artist-led workshop focuses on one form of art that is inspired by Hispanic culture. At the event we attended, we got to explore the art of repujado and created metal embossed hearts.

Vamos al Museo has the most wonderful, relaxed environment. Our teacher, Carisa Otero, started the workshop by briefly showing us the materials and technique. She then showed a few samples and gave a few ideas for further exploration.

The “instruction” part was quick and simple, which is wonderful when you have little ones who just want to create.

Carisa walked around and checked in on each table. She was very encouraging and inspiring to everyone. My 4-year-old, who has a short attention span and likes to quickly move from one thing to another, spent an amazing amount of time engrossed in the art making.art exploration-Albuquerque Moms Blog

She relished the freedom to explore and create her vision.

I know that if this was more of a “craft” workshop with a cute end product, she would have lost interest or got frustrated within a matter of minutes.

Another aspect of Vamos al Museo is admission into the Art Museum. We took a walk across the beautiful National Hispanic Cultural Center campus towards the Art Museum. The museum is beautiful and welcoming. I didn’t feel out of place with my toddler and preschooler. Children really appreciate art and are fascinated by it. Our family’s favorite part was The Piñata Exhibit, which is running until April 8.

The exhibit was colorful, imaginative, and a child’s dream.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I highly recommend Vamos al Museo to parents with children of all ages. Our family spent a relaxing, peaceful morning learning and creating together.

You may not leave with some perfectly poised, crafty product to hang up, but you will leave with beautiful memories and your child will feel proud and inspired.

family art Albuquerque Moms BlogWe plan to be regular attendees the first Saturday of every month. The event is free and they encourage a $5 donation to help cover the cost of materials. You can register for the next Vamos al Museo here or check out the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s calendar to see all the amazing events they have to offer. For more information, you can call or email Elena Baca at 505-246-2261 or [email protected]

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