Achieve Authentic Connection to Your Baby and Toddler Through Playful Messages

Once upon a time we were children—let your mind be playful!

As the fourth of eight children, I grew up in a family where play was plentiful. From coaxing my baby siblings to smile to organized sandlot baseball games, daily play with my brothers and sisters or neighborhood kids was part of my life. We were free-range kids before the term existed. Having the opportunity to be such a free-range kid laid the foundation for my active imagination.

I always had an interest in fabrics that began when I was six years old. My neighbor sat at her sewing machine every day, and I loved looking over her shoulder. My first design was a skirt I imagined from green corduroy with pockets from the waist to the hem! I added straps and loved that it had two pockets. My next-door neighbor sewed it, and my idea became reality. Over the years I continued to design my own clothing including outfits for school dances, my wedding dress, and many pieces I wear today.

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Ideas for a line of clothing lingered in my imagination for several years before Tic Tac Grow PlayWear emerged. 

While the mass market appealed to moms using adult humor on infant clothes, I began to think how I could turn the world onto how important it is to respect babies, what they know, and how they learn. Each playful message on Tic Tac Grow PlayWear has early childhood development embedded in it. The clothing is intended to connect you and your baby in playful or reflective moments. These moments become the basis for a loving relationship and healthy brain development that will engage in learning.

Tic Tac Grow PlayWear inspires you to engage playfully with your baby and toddler in the little moments every day.  

I believe play is the single most important learning activity for young children. It opens the door to explorationdiscovery, and imagination. The rich discoveries in playful interaction bring understanding to all of us. 

Knowing your life is busy, time is short, and play is essential for your infant and toddler, Tic Tac Grow PlayWear gives you early childhood development with a soft touch. No need for books or video – just playful engagement with your baby and toddler.

Playful words supporting growing brain development and the developing relationship between you and your baby are hand silk-screened on high quality clothing.  Our user-friendly and research-based messages have your child at heart and you in mind. The impact of intentional playful moments between you and your baby sets a path for a lifetime learning.  

Examples of our nurturing messages:

Give Me Time recognizes that your new baby needs time to explore and learn, and you need time to get to know your baby.

I Like Messy spotlights the delight your baby finds in exploring food and objects and your toddler discovers with water and sand play.

I’m New To This supports you and your baby as you learn together

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We’re In This Together shows that each of you needs support from your families and friends.

Wiggle Giggle Grow describes your baby’s physical activity—a moving baby is a learning baby.

There are over a dozen different messages that transform small moments into fun, fulfilling exchanges between you and your child. Each onesie and t-shirt comes attractively packaged and tied with a ribbon ready for easy grab and go gifting. For each piece sold, Tic Tac Grow donates to Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum.  This further supports imagination and early childhood development in our community.

You can buy Tic Tac Grow PlayWear on its website or at Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum gift shop!


Judith Lavender has over four decades of work experience with families and young children. She received her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from University of New Mexico. She holds a master’s degree in early childhood development from the well-known Erikson Institute located in Chicago, IL.

Judith has been married for 48 years to Harold, a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade and an attorney who promotes entrepreneurship at ABQid. She is the mother to two successful Hollywood writers. Her son, Jay Lavender, co-wrote The Break-Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, The Fluffy Movie starring Gabriel Fluffy Iglesias and The Wedding Ringer starring Kevin Hart, Kelly Cuoco, and Josh Gad. Her daughter, Meredith Lavender wrote on Missing, Charlie’s Angels, Covert Affairs, Defying Gravity, and ABC TV hit series Nashville.

In 2010, after living in Chicago for 34 years, Judith returned to New Mexico with a goal to give back to her home state.  She started an early childhood and family center in Gallup, her hometown. She then served as Interim Director of the Baby Fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Currently, she coordinates outreach for the New Mexico statewide NMAEYC Power to the Profession initiative. She also serves on the National Association for Education of Young Children Council on Accreditation of Early Learning Programs in Washington, DC.

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Tic Tac Grow Playwear. We at Albuquerque Moms Blog choose to work with businesses we feel bring our readers value.

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