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The following post is part of a sponsored partnership with Harmonic Kids. It is important to us that we partner with local businesses we feel bring value to our readers. All of the opinions expressed are our own.

Two of our contributors, Colleen and Audra, participated in a Harmonic Kids class during the winter session. Harmonic Kids offers mixed-age Music Together classes. Music Together is a nationally recognized program for early childhood music education. Check out each mama’s experience about the program to learn more!

Harmonic Kids-Albuquerque Moms Blog

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What can other parents expect when taking their children to a Music Together class by Harmonic Kids?

Colleen:  I wasn’t sure how my daughter would do because structure isn’t really her thing at 22-months-old, but overall we have both really enjoyed the class so far.  The first class she wasn’t really sure what was going on, but enjoyed running around. She loved playing with the instruments towards the end. While most of the other kids were sitting nicely in their parents’ laps, my child was the one running around throwing egg shakers across the floor.

Audra: The class is organized, professional, and lots of fun. We practice tonal patterns, rhythms, and dancing at each music class.


Harmonic Kids-Albuquerque Moms Blog

Photo courtesy of Harmonic Kids

Tell us about the instructor of the class.

Audra:  Our instructor is highly knowledgeable and engages with the parents and children to ensure everyone is learning and enjoying learning music.

Colleen:  Our teacher is amazing, she understands that the younger kids need to run around and make the music their own. When they start putting their own twist on the songs, she always encourages them and has the rest of the kids try it too. All of the kids in the class adore her.


How has this class impacted you and your child?

Colleen: My daughter LOVES music, so when the opportunity presented itself to try out the Harmonic Kids Music Together Class, I jumped on it! She really looks forward to it each week! With each class, she has become more  interested.  She has begun singing the songs at home and participating during class. There’s still a good deal of running around, but now she at least pays attention to what’s happening and occasionally sits in the circle.

Audra: I have enjoyed taking my children to the Harmonic Kids classes, and I can tell they have really benefited from the music education each week.  I love seeing my daughter’s face as she dances, sings, and plays with the instruments each week!


What makes Music Together different from other classes? Would you recommend these classes to other families?

Harmonic Kids-Albuquerque Moms Blog

Photo courtesy of Harmonic Kids

Audra: The music together classes have been fantastic. Not only do we practice at our weekly classes, but the material provided for at home practice is excellent. We can learn and practice our music at home so that each class is even more effective. I have really enjoyed our session with Harmonic Kids. As a musician myself, I have been extremely impressed with the level of education and enjoyment we have experienced at class and home. I highly recommend this program to other parents as a way to develop and deepen musicality.

Colleen: Yes! I’m a huge proponent of asking for experiences instead of toys as gifts for holidays and birthdays. This class is a great one to put on the list!

We have a special offer for our readers from Harmonic Kids!

The Spring Session begins on April 2 and runs for 8 weeks. Use code ABQMOMS for $15 off your tuition. Register here.

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  1. Audra Powers
    Audra Powers March 21, 2018 at 9:25 am #

    We so enjoyed our experience with Harmonic Kids! My daughter still sings all the songs we learned. It’s awesome.