Revolution Math: An engaging online math activity with the gift that keeps on giving

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If there is anything I can give to my children that I know will leave a major impact, its education. I can’t stress more than anything the value of Education. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Once someone learns something valuable it can’t be taken away, stolen, or broken. It can only be applied into the world with a positive domino affect. 

This Christmas, I don’t just want to give my children a “want, need, wear, read gift”. I want to give my children a gift that many moons from now, they will be thankful they had. That’s the gift of Revolution Math. Revolution Math is an online private tutoring class that is fun, interactive, and helps kids build their confidence in Math.  My kids started Revolutionary Math last month and the best way I can describe it…GAME-CHANGING!

How it works 

  1. Sign up and be ready to receive a welcome package in the mail. My kids were excited to get a package addressed directly to them. This package contains a notebook, Fun activities assignment book (it is not mandatory, just for fun), and there other great surprises inside the welcome package. They loved the activity assignment book and actually WANTED to do it! Each child earns points and the points get them prizes. Click here to learn more about the prize options and the meaning behind the points.
Albuquerque moms blog math revolution
Albuquerque Moms Blog Revolution Math Learning is a gift that keeps on giving

2.  Every week, your child will join an virtual classroom with a group of 3 other students and a dedicated Revolution Math teacher. The login process is easy and the student dashboard reminds the students how many points and badges they have earned during their math adventures.  Best part is, Revolution Math is done from the comfort of your home. Let me repeat that….it is done from the comfort of your home!!! No need to drive across town to a tutoring class or learning center. No need to deal with traffic. No need to wait an hour or more. I was able to start preparing dinner while my kids were learning. This is a winner for my whole family. 

Albuquerque Moms Blog Revolution Math Learning is a gift that keeps on giving
Albuquerque Moms Blog Revolution Math Learning is a gift that keeps on giving

3. Watch your children gain confidence in learning! This is a safe place for them to make mistakes and learn from them. The teacher we had (Ben we love you) is so good at helping each student process the material and apply it going forward.  The engaging story with adventurous missions helps them learn in a process that is fun and exciting.

Revolution Math is currently offering families the opportunity to try the program for an entire month – FOR FREE!  On top of that, they are waiving the enrollment + materials fee ($99) value.  Give Revolution Math a risk free trial today….and your kids will thank you tomorrow! Click on the button below for more information.

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