Prioritizing Myself at Pure Barre Albuquerque

My mom nemesis has definitely been self-care. The needs of my kids are so urgent compared to taking care of me, which seems like it can wait. (Um, it can’t wait . . . unless you want to run into angry mom with crazy eyes.)

I wrote a post about a year and half ago about prioritizing myself. And I’m happy to report I can look back and see growth in this area. (It’s OK to not be OK, but let’s not stay that way. OK?)  

But occasionally (usually when I’m stressed out, overly busy, or haven’t taken care of my body) this strange guilt will rear its ugly head, and I’ll feel as though ALL my time, energy, and resources should go towards my children. But of course, the grumpy mom this attitude creates isn’t good for anyone (particularly the children). I cannot possibly pour into my kids if I don’t have anything to give them because I am completely depleted. 

One area that I’m tempted to put on the back burner because of ALL THE THINGS my kiddos “need” is my own personal fitness. I’m reluctant to spend my limited time and money exercising because alone time is so darn precious and because I’m such a cheapskate so frugal. But I do love group fitness classes. They are definitely my exercise of choice. Comaraderie plus just the right amount of social pressure so I won’t quit plus the expertise of someone who knows what she’s doing? That’s a win win win in my book. 

I’ve long been a little jealous of a good friend of mine who lives in Knoxville and posts all the time about her barre classes on social media. (Fun fact, she’s a contributor for Knoxville Moms Blog. Small world, right?) But, alas, we didn’t have a barre studio in Albuquerque (that I was aware of). 

Enter Pure Barre Albuquerque!

Recently, sisters and Albuquerque natives Christi and Jenni opened Pure Barre Albuquerque. And they were kind enough to give some of the Albuquerque Moms Blog team a trial class. We had a great time!

First of all, the studio is clean, airy, and bright. If working out is something you dread a little bit, the atmosphere at Pure Barre Albuquerque will most certainly put you in a cheery mood. It’s such a pleasant place to be.     

The class is challenging, but Pure Barre was designed to work for people of all fitness levels. You may be wondering exactly what Pure Barre is. 

“Utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to fantastic music, Pure Barre is a total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat in record-breaking time.”

Each class begins with a warm up, moves on to arm sculpting, continues with thigh and seat work, follows with abs, and ends with a cool down. For those of us who love routine, we can expect classes to always follow this order. However, no two classes are ever the same. The music and individual exercises vary each time you go! 

Another plus is that this workout is low impact. My knees and ankles were thankful for that. And I didn’t pee my pants during class. Winning!

I was sore (in a good way) for a few days after my first class. It was obvious I had worked my muscles. I noticed my mood was lighter. I was able to focus better as well. And I felt strong . . . like I had accomplished something. What do you know? Prioritizing myself was quite beneficial to those around me. Happy mommy means happy littles. 

If you’re considering prioritizing yourself at Pure Barre Albuquerque, they’ve got a treat for you. Every new client gets their first class free! You can register for it online or call the studio. 

Pure Barre Albuquerque even has a special 3-month unlimited mom-to-be/new mom membership that you’ll want to check out if you’re expecting or have a tiny. This is available in studio only. 

I for one plan to go back to avoid crazy eyes and prioritize my health in a pleasant environment at Pure Barre. Maybe I’ll see you there! 

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Albuquerque Moms Blog and Pure Barre Albuquerque. But all the author's opinions are her own.

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