4 Reasons to Include Your Children in Your Baby Shower Festivities

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Traditionally, a baby shower is celebrated with the expecting mother and her gal pals. But with family dynamics moving into a more modern definition, celebrations for major life moments can start to look a bit different. And for moms that can actually be pretty beneficial if you play your cards right!

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For example, you may want to consider including your other children in your baby shower festivities.  Now, your first thought may be . . . a few hours without the kids, being showered with gifts, and eating all the brunch food I can get my hands on is the whole point of a shower! Well, change that mindset!

Including your kids can help take some of the stress off of you or the host by putting them to work while simultaneously giving them purpose within this new chapter and creating a few teachable moments along the way. Not to mention having your other kids around during your shower will make for even more memories.

1. Put your kids to work. 

Put your kids to work and give them purpose. Give them little jobs like setting the table and clearing plates or helping to set up shower games. This will give you and your girls more time to relax and enjoy each other’s company while your little helpers do the dirty work.

2. Help Make Your Children Feel Included

We all know bringing a new baby into the family can sometimes cause your other little ones to feel excited, of course. But sometimes they are also a bit jealous or wary that it’s not just about them anymore. So make them feel included! Let them participate in the fun shower games with you or ask them to join you for desert!

3. Set a Play Date

This is the perfect opportunity for a play date! Have all your guests bring their kids and have everyone play together. You’re already having guests, which means lots of food and lots of cleaning up. So you might as well double it as a big play date! Set the kids up outside or in another room. Let them do their thing while you do yours! Maybe some childhood friendships will even come of it!

4. Teach Your Kids to Write a Thank You Note

When all is said and done and it’s time to write your baby shower thank you cards, ask your kids for help. Take this moment and use it to teach your kids how to write a proper thank you note. Let them know the importance of always thanking your guest for their support and gifts. It will give you and your children time to bond while they practice their handwriting skills as well as learn how to express their gratitude.

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See, not such a scary thought after all!

Celebrating the coming of a new life is all about love and family so why not include everyone at the baby shower? The more the merrier, right?

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