Mommy’s Market :: A Must for Savvy Albuquerque Moms!

Being pregnant for the first time and preparing for your first baby is full of surprises! Who knew your breasts could get this big in such a short time?! And there are how many styles of cloth diapers?! Some jogging strollers aren’t meant for going off pavement (Seriously? This is New Mexico for Pete’s sake!) You want me to pay how much for 3 thin little blankets?! 

I’m an aspiring minimalist. But even so, between maternity clothes (I don’t have a ton) and things for the nursery (it’s not even finished yet), we’ve spent a pretty penny. And Baby T still has 7 more weeks of baking time! Enter the Mommy’s Market! If you’re an avid bargain hunter who loves to brag about what a sweet deal you got, then read on! You can even learn how to make money from your baby’s gently used stuff!

Mommy's Market: A must for savvy Albuquerque Moms from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

I went to the Mommy’s Market this past spring and all the stuff and the great deals blew me away! Everything was well organized and clean, and the prices were fabulous. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, the last day and last several hours of the weekend consignment. But there was still fabulous merchandise available at even more fabulous prices. From maternity clothes to nursery furniture, Aden and Anais muslin blankets to Ergo Baby Carriers, there was a little of everything you could ever need for your first or seventh baby, newborn or tween. I spoke with Danielle, the owner and founder of the Mommy’s Market,to learn a little more. Her vision for the consignment event began in 2009 and has grown to include 3 locations across the Albuquerque area with more than 200 sellers, 

Mommy's Market: A must for savvy Albuquerque Moms from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Everything was well organized, clean, and easy to shop.

“I look forward to continuing to make Mommy’s Market better with each and every event. I am happy that I get to play a small role in making parenthood just a little bit easier. Not only can families make some extra money by selling their outgrown kids items, but many families can find quality items at great prices.”

I asked Danielle a few questions about the event and being a seller. Here’s what she had to say.

About Shopping the Mommy’s Market

Q: What items are most popular?

A: Large items (Equipment, furniture, strollers) go very quickly!

Q: What are some of the best deals you’ve seen?

A: There have been so many! A baby Bjorn bouncer (retails for $150) for $4! An Ergo carrier for $10, Thomas the train with several tracks and trains for $6. It is hard to name only a few!

Q: What’s the biggest difference between the Mommy’s Market and other second-hand consignment places?

A: Mommy’s Market is unique because we bring hundreds of families together to sell items in one place at one time. Our sellers get to choose the price they want for their items and many of our sellers  help bless other families by pricing their items at very reasonable prices! We had over 35,000 items at our last event!

About Selling at the Mommy’s Market

Q: When can you sign up to be a seller?

A: The deadline to sign up as a seller is usually 2 weeks prior to the event. However we usually fill all 175 seller spots and have restocking consignors after that (restock consignors  drop off later in the week after the pre-sales). Lots of details here.

Q: How much does the average seller make?

A: Spring sale average consignor check was $320

Q: What sort of items do you take?

A: Items in gently used condition. Learn about prepping your goods here.

Q: What do you need to know about being a seller?

A: Selling does take some preparation time, however as a seller you make 60-70% commission on sold items. AND you get to shop our pre-sale FIRST for all the best finds!

If you’re really in need of necessities, I recommend paying the $1 admission to get in on Saturday and get first dibs on the best items. By Sunday, shoppers have already purchased a lot of the larger items and the best steals. If you’re a seller, you get to go early and shop before the public or you can buy a pre-sale pass for just $5.36 (Sold!)!

The next Mommy’s Market is June 3rd and 4th on the Westside.

If you can’t make that one, definitely plan to attend the Eastside event on September 30th and October 1st! Visit the Mommy’s Market website for all the details about shopping and selling! Also, you can read this great post from our own Andrea Scarberry about her Mommy’s Market Consignor experience.

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