4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Montessori Preschool

One of the most important decisions you make as a parent is choosing the right school for you and your family. It is really hard to pick a school that will provide your little one quality education to prepare them to be a lifelong learner and a school that fits into your family’s unique needs. Education is not one-size-fits-all. Here are four important things to consider when looking into early childhood education programs.

Qualified Teachers

Finding a school with passionate, well-trained educators is my number one priority when looking at preschools. A great teacher is one who guides children into a love of learning. In the Montessori educational philosophy, a teacher’s role is to facilitate the classroom activities and environment, while allowing the child to find the joy of discovery with materials the child is passionate about. At Our Montessori School, each classroom is headed by a Director or Directress who has had specific training from an approved Montessori Training Center. You can rest assured that your child is being led and supported by educators that truly understand the Montessori method.

Inspiring Environment

In Montessori philosophy, there are three entities responsible for teaching in every classroom: the teacher, the student, and the environment. An inspiring classroom environment can enhance learning and create empowerment within the students. Our Montessori School has a full complement of Montessori materials, which allow for control of error. They are specially designed so that a child receives instant feedback and learn from mistakes without adult assistance. These materials, along with appropriately sized furniture and space for children to work autonomously or within groups strengthen a child’s self-esteem and motivation.

Our Montessori School Classroom

Rich Curriculum

When I think about the goals of preschool, I’m looking for a program that promotes learning in a fun and playful way, while also encouraging independent skills. An effective curriculum enhances a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills. High quality programs like Our Montessori School provide a curriculum that allows for child-led learning and opportunities to explore passions. In addition to their nationally accredited Montessori curriculum, they offer complimentary special lessons in music, gardening, Spanish, cooking, Sign Language, science, yoga, and physical education through a partnership with i9 Sports.

Our Montessori School PlaygroundFlexible Programming

Finally, the right choice in school for your child is the school that best fits your needs as a family. Do you need full-time schooling or would you prefer a more part-time solution? At Our Montessori School, they understand that each family has different needs and desires when it comes to scheduling. This sets them apart from many other Montessori programs that only offer a full-time option. Also, Our Montessori School offers individualized lesson plans to best tailor their approach to each child’s unique needs.

Don’t worry, Mama. You will find the right school for your loves. For a high quality program, check out Our Montessori School and see for yourself first hand how much they care for each child. Your child is important and learns the way only your child can. Their talented staff has the ability to tap into each child’s strengths and guide them to find joy in learning.

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