water fluoridation in Albuquerque

Water Fluoridation in Albuquerque

Being both a former dental professional and a public health student I flipped out just a bit when I first moved to Albuquerque and learned about water fluoridation in Albuquerque. Albuquerque doesn’t fluoridate their tap water.  Shortly after learning this I went to Target and bought some nursery water that contained fluoride.  To be honest, I […]

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baby brushing teeth

Let’s talk teeth!

Today I’m excited to talk with my friend Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher about caring for my kiddos’ teeth. I met Lindsay when we were both pre-dental students at UNM. Lindsay later moved to San Francisco to attend University of the Pacific and earn her DDS. A few years later I moved out to the San Francisco […]

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New Years Resolution: Preparing for Death

Here’s a new years resolution everyone should add to their list: prepare for your death. Not what you were expecting, right? (Or at least you wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t given you a hint in the title) Most mommy resolutions focus on thing like eating right and getting more exercise and more sleep. We want to […]

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Pregnancy Brain-It never left me

Pregnancy Brain. It never left me

My youngest is 6 years old and I still have pregnancy brain; it never left me. I was sharp as a tack before kids. I even took the post office exam, just for fun, and did very well. Then I got pregnant and pregnancy brain kicked in. I know many of you can relate to […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Getting the Kids Involved in Serving

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a celebration of the man whose fearless sacrifices and leadership inspired our government and citizens to serve together to question long held paradigms, challenge social policy, and bring about lasting change for our nation. Many institutions honor King’s birthday, January 15th, by closing and giving employees the third […]

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sleep | Albuquerque Moms Blog

How NOT to Sleep Train Your Baby

“Is your baby sleeping through the night?” The question that makes me want to punch right in the face anyone who asks. My blood literally (no, not figuratively – literally) starts to boil. I bite my lips as I resist the urge to straight up yell “Do I look like I’m getting ANY sleep?!” I mean let’s […]

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5 Things to Do in January in the 505

I don’t know about you, but when January rolls around, I usually have a holiday hangover. It all seems to start during the summer and all of the fun activities there are to do in the 505. Of course that’s followed by a whirlwind of activities including the start of school, fall festivals, PTA engagements, […]

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Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Dealing with the Dragon Days

Being a mom is like being a knight sent on a dragon quest. Except, instead of slaying the dragon, someone expects you to tame it. So there you are, standing in front of your own very cute, but very powerful little dragon just praying that the tools you brought will work. And sometimes they do. Sometimes […]

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Day (1)

Discovering Joy in a Day of Rest

“Take a day of rest.” Regardless of beliefs or faith, we’ve probably all heard of this. Many faiths and cultures call for days of rest – Babylonian rest days, Buddhist Uposatha, Cherokee “un-time,” Hindu Ekadashi, and Wiccan esbat, Christian and Jewish Sabbath day. Primarily, these days were established for religious observance through abstinence from work. But I found […]

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