Aspiring Mom

Aspiring Mom: Planning Pregnancy in Albuquerque

The road through motherhood is not always clear or bright. It can be fraught with woes and quite lonely, despite the constant proximity of little ones—or so I’ve heard. But the road to motherhood, the on-ramp from childless lady to mommy can also be lonely. And it’s foggy. Visibility is low and you sort of […]

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Nap Time Battle: A Fight worth Fighting

Nap Time Battle: A Fight worth Fighting

Nap time.  Glorious nap time.  You are the sanity to my day, the calm to my crazy, and the solitude that allows me to eat chocolate without sharing.  I would ask you to stay forever but I know that you must go…eventually. When I set out to write this post I thought it would be […]

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Nursing in public: To cover or nor to cover

Nursing in Public: To Cover or not to Cover

Nursing in public. When you have a little one it’s a necessity. But there are so many stories about public nursing nightmares. Usually they involve someone requesting the woman to stop nursing, nurse in an alternate location, or use a cover. I was thinking about this topic the other day when I was sitting at a local restaurant […]

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5 Places to Find Cold Treats in the 505 from

5 Places for Cold Treats in the 505

Today I thought I would share with you 5 places to find cold treats in the 505. If you are anything like me, one of the most important lists to have during the summer isn’t a bucket list of activities to do (though that’s well and good), but a list of places to find cool treats, […]

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shoes inside albuquerque moms blog

Shoes Inside the House: to wear or not to wear?

When living near San Francisco most of our friends were Asian and it was normative to not wear shoes inside the house.  One poignant memory I have is when our friends helped us move, and even while carrying our boxes, they would respectfully remove their shoes every time they crossed the threshold of our new […]

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Simplicity of the Heart in a Complicated World

Motherhood is anything but simple.  Constant demands on life, kids running around needing things all the time, to do lists for home and work, and a myriad of other things consume our minds and our hearts on a regular basis.  Simplicity in motherhood probably doesn’t mean that we will be able to throw off all […]

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father's day gift guide from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Albuquerque Moms

With Mother’s day behind us, it’s time to start thinking about all the Dads in our lives.  Father’s day is right around the corner and there is still plenty of time to get just the right gift for dad.  Need some ideas?  Well, look no further! Father’s Day Gift Guide: QALO ring – These silicone rings […]

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yummy spoon 4

The Yummy Spoon, a Tool for the On-The-Go Mom

Have you ever been doing something with your baby like changing their diaper or feeding them and wondered, “Why doesn’t someone invent something to make this easier?” Well, Albuquerque’s very own Gina Cormier had that same thought, but she didn’t stop there. Gina wanted to be able to feed her children homemade baby food on […]

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Gift ides for the mom who has everything

Gift Ideas for the Mom who seems to have everything

You just received the most wonderful news that your sister/best friend/cousin/etc is expecting another baby. Since this is not her first kiddo, you know she has all the baby gear basics covered, but you still want to get her something to celebrate this new addition. You want to make it a creative and thoughtful gift, […]

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MUNDANE MOMENTS | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Making the Most of the Mundane Life Moments

I recall daydreaming of different adventures I would take throughout my life.  When I was young, I thought adulthood encapsulated the most exciting part of life, and I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Part of my 20’s was characterized by this lavish idea of adventure as I traveled the world after college.  I turned 30 […]

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My First Mother's Day

New Mom Reality Check

New Mom Reality Each day I look forward to the possibility of a power walk in my neighborhood. That may not seem like a lofty goal for a fitness instructor, but at seven weeks post-partum, it’s good enough for now. One day, struggling to push my jogging stroller uphill against the Albuquerque wind, I got […]

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