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Special Delivery: One Mom’s Thoughts on Child Birth

Hey there, Mama!  Let’s talk delivery, shall we?  Chances are if you are reading this you have a baby or two running around at home.  Maybe you had your baby at a birthing center, in your home, or perhaps you opted to deliver in a hospital setting.  Did you plan for a home birth but […]

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5 Things to Do in January in the 505

I don’t know about you, but when January rolls around, I usually have a holiday hangover. It all seems to start during the summer and all of the fun activities there are to do in the 505. Of course that’s followed by a whirlwind of activities including the start of school, fall festivals, PTA engagements, […]

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Endurance {5 simple steps when Parenting is hard}

I will be the first to admit, sometimes I ask myself why I had kids.  Now, before you take that comment  the wrong way, think about it….I mean really…Here is a life, a person, I am responsible for…and yet I struggle with taking care of myself sometimes. That is when I learned about endurance.  I didn’t […]

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Dealing with the Dragon Days

Being a mom is like being a knight sent on a dragon quest. Except, instead of slaying the dragon, someone expects you to tame it. So there you are, standing in front of your own very cute, but very powerful little dragon just praying that the tools you brought will work. And sometimes they do. Sometimes […]

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Discovering Joy in a Day of Rest

“Take a day of rest.” Regardless of beliefs or faith, we’ve probably all heard of this. Many faiths and cultures call for days of rest – Babylonian rest days, Buddhist Uposatha, Cherokee “un-time,” Hindu Ekadashi, and Wiccan esbat, Christian and Jewish Sabbath day. Primarily, these days were established for religious observance through abstinence from work. But I found […]

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