The Yummy Spoon, a Tool for the On-The-Go Mom

Have you ever been doing something with your baby like changing their diaper or feeding them and wondered, “Why doesn’t someone invent something to make this easier?” Well, Albuquerque’s very own Gina Cormier had that same thought, but she didn’t stop there. Gina wanted to be able to feed her children homemade baby food on the go. When she couldn’t find a product that made it easy to do so, her and her older brother, Paul, invented the Yummy Spoon.

yummy spoon 4The Yummy Spoon is a portable, self-feeding baby spoon that lets you mix and store homemade soft food and easily feed it to your baby while out and about. It’s made from ultra-soft BPA free silicone that can also be frozen and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. All you have to do is fill the spoon with your baby’s favorite soft foods like bananas, avocados and  baked sweet potatoes and gently squeeze it into their mouth. When they’re  finished, you simply replace the cap (a feature that the applesauce pouches I frequently buy at the store don’t have) and store until your baby is ready for more.

What a great idea!

Yummy spoon 1So, you may be wondering how a busy mom of two, soccer coach and avid marathon runner just invents something like this. I was curious myself, so after first finding out how I could get my hands on a Yummy Spoon, I invited Gina to sit down and chat with me about the invention process.

Gina explained that when her son, Tristan, was just starting to eat, she wanted something more affordable than the squeeze packets that would fit into their busy lifestyle and still let her feed him homemade baby food, even when they were away from home.

“I’ve always been an on-the-go Mom. [While living in California] we would spend a lot of mornings at the park. The yummy spoon grew from a need of having something on the go that was reusable.”

yummy spoon 3She began by cleaning out a toothpaste tube and cutting it in half to try and find a way to carry whole foods. Then, her and her brother, Paul, who was about to complete graduate school at Pepperdine, began working on the spoon together.

“My brother and I just started talking more about what it would look like, what would be comfortable, if it could be cleaned completely, and if it was leak proof.”

They used different prototypes and got in touch with a graphic designer. Then they began working with a contact in China who sent them molds. Gina explained that with each mold, they wanted to get everything just right, like the safety seal which she wanted to be easy to open and close and the silicone which was either too thick or too thin at first. Several emails, phone calls, and 15 or 16 molds later, they came up with the Yummy Spoon.

yummy spoon 2Now that they have the product in their hands, Gina and Paul’s next step is to spread the word about the Yummy Spoon. It’s currently for sale on Amazon and a few local stores in L.A., where her brother lives. But trying to find local baby stores in Albuquerque that sell new products has been quite the task. Gina will begin doing demos at Whole Foods in June and is also setting up a booth at the Grower’s Market this summer.

I’ll end with a little testimonial: I did get my own Yummy Spoon and after using it for the first time, the cap ended up in the garbage disposal. I was so bummed, but when I pulled it out of the sink, it didn’t have a scratch on it! Looks like they chose just the right silicone.

If you’d like to purchase a Yummy Spoon, you can do so through their website here. And if you’re a local store owner who would like to sell the Yummy Spoon, you can contact Gina here.

“Happy Feeding!”


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2 Responses to The Yummy Spoon, a Tool for the On-The-Go Mom

  1. Madeline Adams June 8, 2016 at 2:04 pm #

    Wow this is pretty neat. I read your blog and I’m glad you did this product review. The Yummy Spoon looks like an award winning product.

    • Rochelle
      Rochelle June 10, 2016 at 11:04 am #

      Its the next best thing to slice bread. 😉