Water Park: 411 on ABQ’s Hotel Cascada

Hotel Cascada boasts New Mexico’s one and only indoor water park. Until I had the opportunity to experience it with my family, it had always been surrounded by mystery amongst my mommy peers and I. We wondered: Do you have to stay there to play there? Is it expensive and will my preschool aged children enjoy it? Well, today I am here to answer those questions and give you the 411 on Albuquerque’s Indoor Water Park and Hotel.

Water parkWe celebrate several birthdays in March and April on my husband’s side of the family and this year, his parents gave us and his sister’s family an overnight stay at Hotel Cascada in lieu of gifts. We spent our evening playing in the pools, taking turns watching the baby and floating in the lazy river. For dinner we walked down the street to Green Jeans Farmery and then retired to our adjoining rooms for the night. We had no idea what to expect from our stay and although it was a bit hectic chasing around four kids who can’t swim and entertaining a baby who can’t do anything, the kids had a blast and have been asking to go back everyday since our stay.

If you’re thinking about playing at the waterpark or having a little stay-cation in Albuquerque, here are some things you should know about Hotel Cascada.


And it’s completely random. They are open most weekends but not all, some Fridays but not all day and some week days. If you’re planning a trip to the water park, definitely make sure you go to their website and check their schedule first.


Passes to the water park can be purchased on their website for about $35 per person. If you’re like me, and you’re thinking that sounds a little steep for a family of four or five, I would consider their Sleep and Slide Package which starts at $189.00 a night and includes four water park passes and a $20.00 credit. Throw in the fact that you don’t have to clean or do laundry for 24 hours and it sounds like a smoking deal to me!

water park 2


Doing anything around water with young children who can’t swim is nerve racking enough without throwing a baby into the mix. If I knew how busy the water park was going to be (it just happened to be Spring Break all over New Mexico the week we went), I would have found a way to leave my youngest at home. We brought floaties for my big kids (5 and 2 years) and they had a blast in the lazy river, which was shallow enough for them to stand in.


Spring Breakers along with a Karate Convention and some type of craft fair made the place a little bit of a mad house. Parking was terrible, our room wasn’t ready in time and the water park was packed and so, so loud. The kids had a blast so I think it was worth whatever minor headaches I acquired along the way, but here’s what we will be doing differently in the future to avoid momma feeling like a crazy person:

  • Leave the baby at home

  • Arrive dressed in swimsuits and ready to play

  • Bring our own towels

  • Make sure we have everything from the car when checking in to avoid multiple trips

  • Avoid staying there over major holidays or school breaks when the hotel might be packed.

Have you ever stayed or played at Hotel Cascada? What was your experience like?






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