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Hi friends, my name is Tiffani Clements, and I am a new contributor to ABQ Moms Blog.

I am a blessed wife and mama to three little ladies residing in beautiful Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I am a former dermatology nurse turned stay-at-home mom just trying to make life fun and exciting. 


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I am one lucky lady to be a native New Mexican.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enjoying all the culture and history that this beautiful state has to offer. Growing up, I couldn’t wait to move away and experience a new way of life. After some time away (it’s funny), I couldn’t wait to come back home–back to my home that has all four seasons. A home that you can order your food with chile sauce (referred to as a favorite holiday), and a home that has the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen!

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Mom life is the BEST life.

One thing I’ve always said is, “I was born to be a Mom.” I’ll say it a million times over! I am a self-proclaimed #hotmess mama learning this whole “mom thing” as I go. I do wish my road to becoming a mom was as easy as some. However, I wouldn’t trade my IVF experiences and Autism advocating for anything in the world. This makes our family special; it’s our story! I would love to say that I have enjoyed venturing into the unknown with two small children on the Autism Spectrum . . . LOL. But I would be lying. Regardless, I am extremely proud to be their mom and advocate. And I am amazed on a daily basis what my two little ladies are capable of. It’s such a fun and interesting glimpse into another perspective of life!

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If anyone would have ever told me, “Tiffani, you’re going to be a blogger,” I would have laughed in their face. I have never been one to write stories or articles, and actually my punctuation can be quite atrocious at times. What I totally strive to be is a FUN mom, making life #sparkleandshine through crafts, family time, and decor. When I had my 8-5 job, my fellow mamas would routinely ask me what my family’s Friday night theme or craft entailed or when our next party will be. Low and behold I did create my own crafting and party blog, 3 Lil Ladies N Me, “Mom Tales of Living in a Pink World.” I am excited to join fellow like-minded mamas at Albuquerque Moms Blog to meet other amazing women in our community. 

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