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This post is sponsored by our friends at Skarsgard Farms, but this contributor and her family are long-term Skarsgard customers, and her love for their farm fresh produce is the real deal.

Mommas, do you want to feed your family fresh, high quality, local food but hate the hassle (or the tear-inducing nightmare) of grocery shopping? I’m right there with you. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about Skarsgard Farms.

Skarsgard Farms | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Skarsgard Farms is a Community Supported Agricultural program (CSA) that delivers farm-fresh food to your door step.

That’s right, you can get organic produce, natural meats, local dairy, egg,s and fresh baked goods brought to your house with no delivery fee. 

Are you intrigued? I sure was. When I complained about how much I loathed grocery shopping with my three kids, a friend of mine told me about Skarsgard Farms. She’s a busy mom of two with a thriving medical career. She loves the convenience and high quality she gets from Skarsgard Farms. 

Skarsgard Farms has a wide range of products from baked goods to coffee. They source locally, so everything either comes from New Mexico or neighboring states like Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and California. And as my friend says, that’s “far better than the bell peppers I recently bought from the grocery store that came all the way from the Netherlands!”

If you’re not familiar with CSAs, here’s how this one works: customers create an online profile at and then begin ordering groceries. Just two simple steps; it’s so easy! 

Skarsgard | Albuquerque Moms Blog

With that being said, I did learn a few tricks of the trade after using Skarsgard for a few months:

  • There is no membership fee, contracts, or share costs to use Skarsgard. When you want to stop, you just stop.
  • You can get your groceries delivered weekly, monthly, or a combination of the two.
  • There is a $20 cooler fee on your first order. The cooler ensures freshness and allows them to deliver your groceries anytime of day, even if you’re not home. If you decide to stop using Skarsgard, you can return the cooler for a $20 refund or simply keep it. 
  • They do offer same day deliveries, but deliveries are only FREE on your assigned delivery day. 
  • You have until 10 AM on the day before your delivery to edit your order.
  • If something is wrong or went bad in your order, simply call Skarsgard and they will give you a refund.

Since we’ve been out of town a lot this summer, we aren’t having Skarsgard deliver to us quite as much. But I love that I can use them off and on as our schedule allows.

When we were using them more consistently in the spring time, my kids started to look forward to our Tuesday deliveries like Christmas.

We usually got a large harvest box. And although I like to customize it ahead of time, it’s still a fun surprise to see what we get each week. 

Our favorite items are the apples and the finger potatoes. You wouldn’t think that potatoes could taste any different, but these come in three different colors and are so yummy that my husband doesn’t allow me to use them for just any meal. They’re reserved for steak night.

If you’re not convinced that Skarsgard Farms would benefit a busy momma like you, I’ll leave you with this story from a friend of my mine:

“Once I ordered all of the ingredients for an entire Christmas dinner for 10 people from Skarsgard Farms. I called on the day of delivery to make sure they knew of the significance of the order, and they so appreciated the call! Everything arrived in perfect form.”

How could you use Skarsgard Farms delivery service to serve your family?

Visit Skarsgard Farms’ website and use the code 15OFF to get 15% off your first order today!

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