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Children can be oddly specific about their birthday parties, from a “fairy princess rock star party,” to a “purple and pink penguin pizza party,” to a “deep sea” party.  My son just turned 5, and although I didn’t quite meet the level of a deep sea party, we definitely had a fun and simple ocean party.  It didn’t take much time to throw together, and my son and friends seemed to have a great time so it was a win-win in my books.

Easy Ocean Party. Albuquerque Moms Blog

Our simple ocean party started with an idea board on Pinterest.

Whenever my kids ask for a particular themed party, Pinterest is the first place I look for inspiration. I found nothing easy or cute for “deep sea.”  So I persuaded my son that an ocean party would be just as cool. Part of my persuasion included a Pinterest board of ideas. I curate the images to things that I’d be willing to try before I show my kids. Fondant is far beyond my ability or willingness to try for a birthday party, so fancy fondant covered cakes definitely stay OFF of my party idea board. But I can stick candy on cupcakes! 

Easy Ocean Party

Note that Pinterest is ONLY your friend if you let it serve you by helping with ideas that work with your abilities and budget.

Also, be realistic about what works for you. And don’t bite off more than you can chew. Of all of the pins on my board, I really only worked with 5 ideas or so. I had hopes of doing more (isn’t the crepe paper ocean so cute?), but I ran out of time. 

The goal of my birthday parties really is to bless my kids and not impress my friends. 

It’s ok if you end up with a “pinstrosity.” Your kids probably won’t care. I tried making these cute penguin balloons for my daughter’s birthday. They didn’t float at all once the paper was taped on. But she didn’t care. They made her smile.

Easy Ocean Party

For my son’s 5 year old simple ocean party…

We ate…

  • Octopus (hotdogs)
  • Fish eggs (grapes)
  • Veggies (with cucumber cut to look like a shark)
  • Shark’s teeth (cheese cut into triangles)
  • Octopus cupcakes

Simple Ocean partyWe played…

  • a water gun game
  • a fish bowl toss game (classic carnival style)
  • made “oceans in a bottle”
    Easy Ocean Party

Have fun planning your next party!

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