S.T.O.P: A Friendly Reminder to Enjoy the Holiday Season

S.T.O.P!  The holidays are here and I know you are racing through this blog post thinking of all the things on your to do list.  Who has time to sit down and read a blog, right?  The holiday season is my favorite but I hardly make time to enjoy it because I’m too busy rushing around like a crazy person doing all the holiday things.  I know I’m not alone in this so today I’m here with a friendly reminder for you (and me) to S.T.O.P. and enjoy the holiday season.  

S.T.O.P: Your Friendly Reminder to Enjoy the Holiday Season


S – Slow Down

Yes you.  I feel your anxiety as you race around Target feeding your kids popcorn and frantically searching for last minute gifts.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  I’ll probably be there later today!  I can’t tell you how often I find myself moving so fast that I nearly plow people over with my gigantic two-seater shopping cart.  Ladies, we need to slow it on down.  

T – Take a Breath

I know you have one million things to get done before the holidays are here.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I find myself literally walking in circles around my kitchen.  When this happens, I force myself to stop and take a breath.  Often times I find that taking a minute to breathe helps me see more clearly what is important and what actually needs to get done.  

O – Open your Eyes

In all the business of the holidays, don’t forget to open your eyes.  See people.  Say hi to the cashier at the store.  Offer a helping hand to the mom who is barely keeping it together in the grocery line.  People matter more than things.  Open your eyes and actually see the people around you.  Let them know they matter.

P – Pay Attention

My kids are fun but more often than not, especially this time of year, I forget to pay attention to them.  It is easy for me to get so caught up in what I need to do or what I think I should do that I don’t see what is happening around me.  I forget to pay attention to the beautiful twinkle lights on all the houses.  I forget to watch my children enjoy the wonder of the season.   This year, let’s all make an effort to pay attention.  

Slow down.

Take a breath.

Open your eyes.

Pay attention.

Be present this year.  

Let’s all just S.T.O.P.  

Trust me, it will be worth it!  

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