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Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa. I’m a police wife, mother of two, and a bulldog owner. Most of my childhood took place near the Navajo reservation. Now I have made a new home for myself in Los Lunas, NM.  

Introduction: Alyssa Johnson Albuquerque Moms BlogAlbuquerque

Growing up most of my childhood revolved around being outdoors. I lived near the Navajo Reservation in a small community called Thoreau, NM. There was plenty to do as a child from climbing trees to swimming in the lake. However, since getting married I have moved to Los Lunas, NM and I love it. The best thing about living twenty minutes away from Albuquerque is it gives me the best of both worlds. I get the “big” city life during the day and the slow pace of a small town at night. It’s nice having that luxury. For a kid that didn’t get to visit the “big” city that often, I love it.


Motherhood is definitely a whirlwind. It’s even scarier when you’re eighteen years old. My husband and I had our firstborn, Haylen (8), fresh out of high school. Becoming a parent is difficult, but at that age, it can be even more challeneing. But, we pulled ourselves together and grew up. We graduated college and stepped into the real world. Our daughter always being our main motivator. Six years after our first born, we welcomed our son Thomas (2) into the world. This time it was planned, but still just as scary. 

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I had many plans after graduation. I was going to get my first job, start my career, and build an empire. But, life happens. All within a few weeks of each other I got life-changing news. My father got diagnosed with stage IV Lung Cancer. I was expecting my second child and I had landed my first job. Although the news of our second child was a happy occasion, and landing my first job was amazing, I still felt my dad was coming up short on care. I made the tough decision to leave my job and take care of my father. My father took me in as a young girl so this was my opportunity to be there for him. Since my dad’s passing, I have been a stay-at-home mom. I know one day I will still build my empire, but in the meantime I will enjoy the good and bad of motherhood. 

Introduction: Alyssa Johnson Albuquerque Moms Blog


I recently embarked on the blogging journey. It’s been exciting, yet a little scary. After a long day with my children, I needed an outlet. A stress reliever. I enjoy running and that usually helps, but with my husband’s crazy schedule that doesn’t always work. So I decided to take my ideas and thoughts to paper, or in this case the keyboard. This gave birth to my personal blog. I also love to document my journey and experiences on my Instagram. So if you can’t get a hold of me that’s usually where I am. The blogging community has been overwhelmingly supportive and I am excited to be part of it. There are a lot of stories tell and advice to give. I can’t wait to share mine and I can’t wait to hear yours.

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