Turning Nap Time Into Much Needed Me Time

Nap time is that hour or two in which I try to squeeze in a whole week’s worth of laundry and dishes. Lunch time rolls around every day, and I tell myself that I will actually sit and do nothing during nap time. But that never happens. 

As soon as my kids hit the sheets, it’s go time.

Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and bathroom disinfecting (because my one-year-old sneaks in and touches the toilet every chance he gets) are on the nap time to-do list. 

Rest and relaxation are rare for me as a stay-at-home mom because I am always on duty. But I can change the situation one nap at a time! Once or twice a week, I’d like to not do any chores and use nap time as me time.

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Here are a few things I want to try when that glorious nap time comes around.

1. Hop on Netflix and watch Parenthood.

I can relate, laugh, and cry while binge-watching this beautiful family drama.

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2. Make a cup of coffee and sit outside.

I want to give myself the pleasure of peace and quiet. During my coffee break, I can enjoy the birds chirping and stop thinking about uncompleted chores. Since the children are asleep, I will not need to microwave my coffee three times in a row.

3. Grab a quick shower and put my makeup on.

For me, when I feel clean and presentable, I can conquer the day! When my husband gets home from work and I don’t smell like spit-up and I do have makeup on, I feel like super-mom/super-wife. 

Making Time for Myself at Nap Time

We’ve all heard this one before, “Make time for yourself so you can be a better mom.” Well, folks, that’s good in theory, but oh so hard in reality. The dishwasher will always need emptied, the laundry will always need folding, and your kids will always wake up from their naps earlier than expected. So we need to use this time wisely and relax.

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We can easily fall into the trap of just cleaning up one mess to find another. On those days when I use nap time as me time, I plan to do a quick sweep through of the house before bed. But if I’m dog tired, I can clean the next morning. I tend to get a lot done in the mornings because the kids are not yet bored and looking for direction.

The mess and chaos will always be there. My house probably won’t be clean (at least not the way I like it) until my kids are in late elementary school. But for now I’ll take a mental break during nap time once or twice a week. It most certainly can’t hurt to try. 

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