Making the Most of the Mundane Life Moments

I recall daydreaming of different adventures I would take throughout my life.  When I was young, I thought adulthood encapsulated the most exciting part of life, and I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Part of my 20’s was characterized by this lavish idea of adventure as I traveled the world after college.  I turned 30 this year, and life looks a bit different from my vagabond years spent globe trotting.  Paying bills, never ending housework, making meals, wiping noses, changing diapers- these things characterize most of my days now.  I find myself in the predictable space of life right now, but that doesn’t mean I am constricted to a life of no adventure.  I love to create space in my life for the extraordinary, even if it is only a ten minute drive from the mundane.


Day Trip

I have ventured out to Santa Fe solely to try out Iconik Coffee Roasters cafe.  I packed up the family, and they all enjoyed the break in routine for a nice Saturday event. It was absolutely delicious and totally worth the mini road trip. Our family also loves to check out the hiking trails in the mountains for the morning.  New Mexico has so much to offer, whether you want to venture out to White Sands National Monument or a short drive down to the Bosque with a picnic lunch (Alameda Open Space is a favorite of our family).  When I get stir crazy, I head to the BioPark for something to do on the spur of the moment.  Getting out of the routine for the morning energizes me for the day and might motivate me enough to tackle some of the chores when I get home.


It’s almost summer, which gives our family a great excuse to grill.  Barbecuing breaks up the meal planning cycle for me.  It’s a social event surrounding meal making!  Even if you don’t actually want to do the cooking, hit up your local barbecue place and head to the park for an evening of fun.  Sharing a meal with others can lead to some great conversations.  Hearts can open up over good food and good drinks, and the mundane task of cooking and eating magically becomes a sacred place for friends to laugh or cry.

Ladies’ Night Out

I don’t do these often enough, so they feel like an excellent treat in the middle of the daily hustle.  I love to gather with a few of my gals and head out on the town for a while.  I’ve normally done sushi nights with my friends (probably because sushi and kids don’t usually mix).  If sushi isn’t your jam, though, grab some dessert and spend an hour or two with some friends.  It gives us some time to unwind from the daily hustle is good for the soul (and our mental health).

Have a Friend Over

Nothing says mundane like daily chores.  What better way to conquer them than to have one of your dearest friends over to lighten the load?  I’ve had friends over to my house that have helped me with dishes or clothes, and I’ve helped clean a friend’s house to lighten her load for the day, too.  If a friend is unavailable, I put on a podcast (my current faves include Front Porch with the Fitzes, Marriage is Funny , and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey).  Podcasts are kind of like having friends in the kitchen with you, and they are my go to for making my chores fun again.  I burned through several podcasts while painting recently, and I was laughing out loud.  Find a few podcasts you love, and it will add some fun back into those boring chores.

Mundane Becomes Beautiful

My people are the flavor of my life. I find the cure for mundane in my life in relationships.  Whether it’s with my kids, my husband, friends, or family, I find the most savory parts of my life exist within the relationships I cultivate.  They make everything richer, deeper, more hilarious, and so much more meaningful.

How do you spice up the mundane parts of your life?

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