What You Can Do with Your Little Ones on Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day this year arrives on Saturday, May 20th. But it begs the question, is there really anything I can do with my kids to celebrate? The answer is yes! This holiday is to celebrate, acknowledge and honor the men and women in active duty. All three of those are things your kids can do, right? Especially celebrating! As well as having a BBQ with the family members that serve or the veterans that have served, let’s get the kids more involved and slap some smiles on the faces of the men and women serving our country.


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Thoughtful ideas for you and your kiddos

 Bring cupcakes to your local recruiting office.

Get on Pinterest and search “American cupcakes.” The site has some super cute ideas on how to incorporate our flag onto delicious cupcakes. It would completely brighten some recruiters’ day, and your kids can ask questions about how they are serving their country. There are 4 Airforce recruiting offices in Albuquerque as well as 3 Army recruiting offices, just to name a few. 

Send a care package.

If you don’t know who you could send some love to in a box, you’re in luck! I came across a website called, AnySoilder.com. On the site, you can look at all the different branches of the military and see who needs or wants what. The address is listed with a name and there you have it! Have your kids write a note or color a picture to throw in the box. You could be lifting the spirits of a solider in no time. 

Visit a memorial together. 

There’s a place on Louisiana Blvd. called New Mexico Veterans Memorial. It’s a beautiful place you can take the kids and pay your respects together. Talk to them about what a veteran is and how much appreciation they deserve. Chances are, there will be veterans there that you can say a quick thank you to.

If you know a military wife, give her a hug.

A lot of us know at least one woman who holds down the fort while her husband is away on duty. Reach out to her! Try to get all the kids together for a BBQ on Armed Forces Day. She could use another mom to talk to while the kids play. Sounds like a win win to me. They deserve to be acknowledged as well.  

Why we need to start these traditions now

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My Dad in uniform

I want my kids to know from an early age how to be grateful for what our service members do for us. After all, their Pop Pop is a Veteran. My dad joined the Army at just 17 years old. He started out as an intelligence analyst but later became a medic and EMT, earning his Expert Field Medical badge.  He’s been to Australia, Germany, the Korean DMZ, just to name a few. Just that in itself is pretty awesome, but he definitely wasn’t on vacation. He has slept in a lava field, feeling the ground shake from the Kilauea volcano, flown in a C-141 Starlifter, and even got to hike up the Kolekole pass in Hawaii. He’s done a lot for his country, and I want to start instilling the importance of service members to my children now, while they are young.

They will learn that their Pop Pop deserves a call on Armed Forces Day and a big “I love you.”


Go have some fun with your kids by giving back to the people that need it the most this Armed Forces Day.


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