Ladies’ Night – Five Fun Ideas

Metro-Area Ladies’ Night Ideas for Busy and Tired Moms

How many of you moms remember Ladies’ Night with the girls?  Dinner, drinks, dancing, laughter.  Wasn’t it magical?

Ladies’ Night Out

Sporting the latest fashions and trendy make-up.

Sharing piles of appetizers, fattening desserts, work gossip, and tawdry secrets.

Throwing back rounds of margaritas, low-carb beer, and 1/2-price Jaeger bombs.

Yes, a fine merrymaking!  Definitely worth every minute of late night bed spins and dazedly dragging oneself to work the next morning.

It’s been years since I enjoyed an uninhibited  Ladies’ Night with the girls…and for good reason: we’re all moms now!

As Rochelle mentioned in her recent post, moms still want and need to have fun; but the thought of powering through that hangover on 4 hours of sleep with an enthusiastic elementary school kid or screaming toddlers terrifies us. Girls’ nights have been reduced to afternoon pairings for errand runs, with just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat or coffee on the go.  Hours spent discussing the next big promotion and first date details have evolved into information-sharing sessions about picky eaters and strategizing how to get a 7th grader to clean his room. Willingly so, because none of us can handle more than a glass or two of wine or even care to stay up past 10 PM. Still, I can’t help but miss those times with the girls, so I’ve come up with five fun girls’ night ideas for busy and tired moms.

1. Bring the spa to you. Put out some snacks and beverages, turn up some tunes, and hire a chair massage therapist to provide massages in your home. On The Spot provides mobile massage services right here in the Albuquerque area.

2. Take a pole dancing lesson.  For real! What better way to relieve stress than by twirling around in some five inch platform heels and laughing hysterically?  Plus, I hear it’s a great workout. Southwest Pole Dancing offers introductory and beginners classes which even include a how-to book.

Mommy Sleepover

3. Have a sleepover. Invite your BFFs and their kiddos to enjoy a pajama night at your place.  Get the kids down in their sleeping bags by 8:30 PM and spend the rest of the night watching movies, eating popcorn, giving yourselves facials, and prank calling your husbands.

4. Attend a murder-mystery dinner show. The Dinner Detective serves up a four-course meal while entertaining you with an interactive mystery to solve. Perhaps you or one of your friends will end up being part of the act!

Canvas Painting with Your Girls

5. Sign up for a canvas painting class. No experience or talent necessary!  Schedule a class with your girls, and enjoy coffee and snacks while you create your masterpiece as instructed by a professional artist. Canvas and Coffee offers a regular schedule of classes.  And you get to keep your painting – proof that you actually had a night out with the girls!

There you have it moms…five fun ways to reconnect with yourself and your girlfriends here in the 505.  How about you?  What are your favorite Ladies’ Night memories, and what kinds of girlfriend fun do now enjoy as a mom?

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