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Hi! Bom dia! Buenos dias! My name is Tiffany Yoder and I am a transplant that moved to Albuquerque six years ago. I am a teacher and a middle school cheer coach. I love DIY anything and my Pinterest account deserves it’s own app! I’m also a TCK (Third Culture Kid) who spent part of my life growing up in Brazil. Portuguese is my second language, Spanish is my third. Sometimes I manage to speak all three languages at the same time. So, if you see my eyes glaze over in conversation, give me a moment … it’ll come!

Tiffany Yoder Albuquerque Moms Blog


I moved to Albuquerque six years ago via California and a few other states in between. I’m a tropics girl so it’s taken me a while to get used to Albuquerque but what I love about this city is how much it has changed in just the six years I’ve lived here! It’s been exciting to see the genuine sense of community sprouting up with so many new indie coffee shops, stores and restaurants. My goal is to visit every single indie coffee shop in town! Tiffany Yoder Albuquerque Moms Blog

I love the gorgeous South Valley farms and ranches and the cool evenings and hot days. Swinging in our hammock under the cottonwood trees while watching the neighbors horses graze is one of my favorite pass times. The slow pace of life here is a wonderful change from the crazy freeways and hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, for sure!

Tiffany Yoder Albuquerque Moms Blog


I am married to the love of my life and am a step mom to two amazing adult girls. I’ve loved being a part of their lives and feel so blessed to have them in mine. I love them dearly. I am also a foster mom. My husband and I were licensed a a year ago to become foster parents. Our hearts are deeply moved by the need this city has for loving parents to step up and fill the gap. We would love to adopt through foster care!

Tiffany Yoder Albuquerque Moms Blog


One of the things I’m learning in this community of moms is that there are so many different mom-titles describing our motherhood: step-moms, foster-moms, adoptive-moms, bio-moms … but the bottom line is we are all moms and the beauty of that is that a mother’s love knows no boundaries … or titles. It just is. And that is profoundly beautiful.

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