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Hi! My name is Stephanie Rice! I am so excited to be a part of Albuquerque Mom’s Blog and to meet all of you!

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I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I went to Arizona State University for Air Traffic Control where I met my husband, Daniel. We were hired as air traffic controllers at Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center in 2012, so here we are! Both of us are from bigger cities with year round warmth, so it’s definitely been an adjustment. I still cannot honestly say that Albuquerque feels like home. I’m not sure it ever will, but that doesn’t change that we are making the best of every experience! We are enjoying less traffic, and we have taken up snowboarding! Most of all, we love being able to spread out a little and teach our son about nature and being a kid!


My second full-time job is being a mom to a 20-month-old little boy named Elijah. This little man keeps me so very busy! Also one more little one will be joining along in November! Life’s about to get even busier! Motherhood for me has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I had 42 weeks of pregnancy and 48 hours of labor. And then breastfeeding was a challenge all it’s own! That plus sleepless nights and now tantrums are worth it a million times over to see him dancing, discovering something new, or just the smile on his face when he’s running into my arms for a big hug! 

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I started my own personal blog, Vectors to Motherhood, about a year ago as a creative outlet for me and a way to share stories with family since they are all far away. Hopefully I can also share, connect with, and help other moms out there who may possibly be going through any similar situations. I have grown to really love writing through blogging. I am excited to have this new outlet and community!


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