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Meet Contributor Samantha Meyer Gallegos

Hello, everyone! It’s lovely to meet you. I am excited to contribute to the Albuquerque Moms Blog, so let me introduce myself! 


I’ve traveled and lived in many places, and the question I am asked most often is “Why Albuquerque?” Although I wasn’t born here, I did grow up here. I always loved New Mexico for the seasons, for the food, and for the Balloon Fiesta. But I still felt like I wanted to escape, which I did after high school. I spent much of my twenties traveling the world and moving around the West Coast. I ended up in Seattle at the University of Washington (go Huskies!), but as much as I loved Seattle, my longing for my family and Albuquerque was stronger. 

I missed the smell of rain in the summer and the wild thunderstorms. I missed the snowy, wintry silence with the smell of piñon smoke in the air and the brilliant blue autumn sky where balloons drifted lazily. I longed for the smell (and taste!) of roasting green chile and the old-world Spanish influence that touches everything here. Which brings me to my answer—Albuquerque is unique! 


My family consists of my wonderful husband, our bubbly, curious daughter, our two loving mutts, and me. I am new to the parenting world! Our daughter surprised us six weeks early. Her first year was full of challenges, fear, and setbacks. But it was also full of love, laughter, and learning to be grateful for the little things.



She’s a year old now—how did the time go so fast? I adore being a mom! Yes, there are many difficult moments. And yes, I am tired. But watching our daughter grow has been one of the most incredible joys of my life. I may sound corny, but she amazes me every day! 


I am a freelance writer and copy editor by trade and have published work in print and online. I also blog for myself at Flurries of Flour where I write about healthy food for busy people, parenting, and anxiety. 

As a new mom, I searched for information and connection online, especially because my daughter’s premature status kept us shut in the house all winter. I couldn’t find anything until I stumbled on the Albuquerque Moms Blog, which I followed avidly. When the chance came up to become a contributor, I jumped at it! 

So nice to meet you all! I can’t wait to contribute to the same lifeline and provide the same information that helped me so much as a new mom! 

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