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Hi there! My name is Meghan Cheshire, but I go by Meg. My last name is Cheshire, like the cat from Alice in Wonderland.


Nobody told me moving to Albuquerque from Texas would mean green chile on everything, no more giant hair bows, and getting to wear flip-flops year-round. I moved here in the middle of fifth grade, and I felt like a complete outsider. It took a little while before I started feeling like this place was my home. My homesickness was nothing a little Dion’s pizza couldn’t fix. Truth be told, it was the friends, not the pizza.

I attended middle school, high school, and college in Albuquerque. While I was attending the University of New Mexico, I met my husband. He is a firefighter and I am a high school teacher for students with special needs, primarily autism. We have many adventures in this city. The best part about Albuquerque aside from it being home are the sunsets.  


In all honesty, I never gave much thought into being a mom. Being a mom scared me because keeping house plants and beta fish alive proved to be a challenge. Children are beautiful, wonderful, chaotic little adventures that will make a mom out of you, ready or not. 

The instant my son and my daughter were placed on my chest, it was like the world stopped and peace filled my heart. Let’s be honest, there was also some panic. Since then, it has been one gigantic adventure.

Currently I hold the title of “momma” to one hilarious little boy who is five and one sassy baby girl who is one. We spend our time as a family eating breakfast, going to parks, and enjoying the time we have together.


Mom friends have keep me sane. They encourage, build up, and send late-night texts. They hold babies so coffee doesn’t get cold. They bring food. My heart is full because of my mom friends. It is my hope that I can be the type of mom that helps further the village every single day. We need each other. 


Blogging brings up memories of journaling in my Lisa Frank notebooks. (I am proud to be a product of the 80s.) Another thing blogging does is weave us all together, doesn’t it?  We are one giant tapestry of stories, memories, and advice. If we keep silent, what mom can we help? There is always one mom who needs to hear your voice. 

Writing is something that connects our stories. Stories are so important to tell. 

I found myself reading a lot of blogs written by other moms when I became a mom. Parenting books were just not for me. Scouring the internet to find information on a baby rash, organic diapers, potty training, and carseats is the way to go. Reading through bleary, sleep-deprived eyes is even better. Lean on me. I’ll lean on you. It’s so wonderful to not feel alone.

It is an honor to have an opportunity to contribute to Albuquerque Moms Blog and be a part of this beautiful community of moms. I am so excited to meet and connect the mom village of Albuquerque. 

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