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I moved from my grandmother’s cattle ranch outside Mountainair, New Mexico to Albuquerque when I was five years old. Living in the “big city” excited me at that age; the hundreds of cars, heat rising from the asphalt in wiggly vapor, and the ability to go the grocery store at will were all part of the Albuquerque charm. As I grew older, I engaged with and soaked up the unique Albuquerque vibe.

After high school, I stayed here and continued my education at both CNM and UNM. Shortly after beginning college, my eldest daughter was born, something that cemented my desire to stay. Albuquerque has the best qualities of both a small town and a big city: there’s the support of family and the “six degrees of separation” phenomenon (can’t go anywhere without running into someone you know!), as well as the access to city comforts. I love that I can give my children a blended cultural experience by living here and hope that they grow to love Albuquerque as much as I do.




Growing up as an only child, I knew that I wanted a big family of my own. I loved babysitting, taking care of my friends’ siblings, and eventually started working in a Montessori school. In March of 2010, my eldest daughter Ava was born. With her, I found the direction in life I craved. Two years later in December of 2012, my second daughter Iris was born and I learned that love multiplies and grows with each precious addition. After a messy split from their dad, I took on the challenge of being a single mom. During that time I was also full time graduate student, all the while maintaining a full time job. Sleep was in short supply, but love and familial symphony was (and still is) in abundance.

In September 2015 I met my now husband, Robert, and we married in December of 2016. We welcomed our son Henry in February 2018 at 35 weeks gestation. After having two healthy, full-term pregnancies with my girls, suddenly developing preeclampsia was a shock. It rocked my view of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Now I suddenly had a five-and-a-half pound infant who was hooked up to tubes and struggling to breathe.

Learning how to navigate the life of a NICU parent was intense. We had the usual school and homework juggle with our girls, giving them extra attention and support during this time. We were also taking shifts for care times with Henry in the NICU which left us physically and emotionally drained. He spent an arduous 22 days in the hospital before we brought him home, still on oxygen. The whirlwind of the last three years has finally settled and we are now thriving as a party of five.


My earliest passions in life were reading and writing. During the summers I devoured one book after the other, even reading the encyclopedia when I ran out of other things to read. In college, I majored in English and have since completed my BA, MA, and am now working on my PhD in Rhetoric and Writing.

I’m passionate about teaching college level writing courses, specifically focusing on the role of discourse communities and student expression through writing. That said, I’ve never written a blog before in a professional context (my blogger from the early 00’s is thankfully a lost relic of teenage angst) and I’m really excited to take on this new venture!

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