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Hello Everyone!

My name is Priscilla Lambert. I have been in New Mexico for 13 years. I’ve lived in multiple different places in New Mexico and have come to love and find myself attached to Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. My heart will always have a place here.

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I lived in the Central New Mexico areas for a little over 13 years. But my loving relationship with New Mexico took some time to develop. Since moving from New York at the age 13, I have found Albuquerque to be my home that I adore so much. Additionally, I met my husband here. Luckily, the Airforce has him stationed here at Kirkland Airforce Base. He shares my love for our beautiful state. Albuquerque has offered me so many unforgettable adventures and memories. I’m in a committed relationship with green chile, experienced my first job at Federico’s, hiked the Sandias, fell in love with New Mexican culture, bore my children here, and plan to stay. New Mexico has become my home and a place where so many magical memories have started.


I’m a mommy of two wonderful kiddos. First there is Max who is 5 years old. Next, comes Amberly, who is 2. My experience with motherhood has really been pure bliss. I love my kids so much and have had two completely different experiences with them. Max is a complete introvert and mama’s boy. Amberly is a carbon copy of myself, an extrovert and a total daddy’s girl. Family is such a huge staple in my household. I am a huge believer that above all family comes first. I strive to find new ways to experience all life has to offer as a family.


I’ve been a mommy blogger for close to a year now. I started creating my own blog through my IG, @sexymamadiaries. I really love to focus my pieces on encouraging and inspiring mommies to feel confident in their pre and post baby bodies. I love to knock down the stereotype that moms are not sexy and show that there is nothing sexier than being a mama. Also, I love my surroundings. My experiences in Albuquerque inspire and influence me. And I’m excited to share what this city has to offer other families like my own. Blogging has become such a strong passion. And I’m so excited to be a part of a blog that shares the interest of a city so close to my heart.

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