It Happened … I Became My Mother

I Became My Mother - Albuquerque Moms Blog (2)It happened. I became my mother.

I dreaded this day would come. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it would happen. I just didn’t think I would become my mother in so many ways. Good ways. Bad ways. Funny ways. Downright ridiculous ways. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and so readers, here is a glimpse into the many ways IT happened.

The ridiculous things we say

Whenever something makes my mom nervous, sad, mad, irritated (well any emotion that isn’t positive) … she has a habit of exclaiming “You’re making my stomach hurt!” to the person or situation causing said emotions. Recently, I was explaining to my husband the many ways why the ocean scares me and suddenly, I exclaimed “Ug, it just makes my stomach hurt!”

The things we wear

As my mom’s first daughter, she had dreams of cuddling me all day long and dressing me in frilly, girly attire. I had other plans. I liked playing by myself more than cuddling and much preferred stir up leggings (I mean they are the most versatile and perfect attire for the go-get-em gal of the school yard!) paired with a nondescript comfy sweatshirt. Mom and I have never had the same “style” if it can even be called that.

One summer at grandma’s house, I discovered mom’s wedding dress stuffed in the back of a forgotten closet. I remember thinking it was truly heinous. Lace everywhere! Ug gross. Fast forward to my wedding and this sweatshirt and jeans girl fell in love with a dress that well … just see the picture (I am my mom!)

I Became My Mother - ABQ Moms Blog

So much lace!

The tears we cry

I was always baffled at what made my mom cry, particularly sappy commercials or certain songs. This past Christmas, I found myself literally biting the sides of my cheeks during the Christmas music at church. Seriously, I almost lost it.

The things we fight against

Anxiety. It plagued my mom and it plagues me. I was never a worrier until I got married and it became ten times worse when I had kids.  Suddenly, I had precious loves in my life that I could lose. The worry set it and I fight it.

The joys we share

My mom had a special song she sang us every night before bed. My siblings and I loved it and requested it multiple times every night. It didn’t matter that my mom didn’t have the best singing voice. It comforted us and I still remember the way I felt when mom would kneel beside me, stroke my hair and sing her special song. When my kids were born, I decided I wanted to find my own song to sing. One night not too long ago, my son was especially upset. I tried a few songs, but then remembered my mom’s special song. I told him it was a special night-night song. Turns out, he loves it too and often requests it as his night-night song.

I Became My Mother - ABQ Moms Blog (2)There are hundred more ways I am like my mom. When it first started happening, I found myself annoyed. Now, more times than not, I find myself chuckling when I realize another way I am becoming my mother. One day, my daughter will start experiencing the same thing. I hope she can find some humor in it and comfort too – just like I have.

Tell me readers, what are some of the ways you have become your mother? Any ways that really surprised you?

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