Food Trucks:Finding Them in the 505

Where to Find Food Trucks in Albuquerque from Albuquerque Mom's BlogFoods trucks are rad. No, seriously. They are super convenient, usually super yummy, fast and affordable. I may or may not have a love affair with food trucks (Who am I kidding? I totally have a love affair with food trucks). Over the last few years, food trucks in Albuquerque have really stepped up their game in terms of availability and overall deliciousness.

So you may be asking yourself the question, “If they are so great Shannon, where do I find them?” Well my friendly reader, I am so happy you asked that. Below is a list of places to check out.

Where to Find Food Trucks in Albuquerque

A great place to start is by liking ABQ Food Trucks on Facebook. You can do that here. They have a lot of updates on where you can find trucks around the city.

Next you need to like the New Mexico Food Truck Coalition on Facebook. They have some of the same info, but different info as well. You can find them here.

Also be sure and like Duke City Food Trucks. You can find them here.

Tasty Tuesdays at Hyder Park are awesome and something you definitely need to check out. Free Yoga, Live music, and a handful of food trucks make for an amazing evening of fun. It’s also at a huge park where kiddos can run around and play games. Keep up to date here.

Some of my favorite trucks are The Supper Truck (Chicken Bahn Mi for the win!!!) , The Boiler Monkey (Can you say crepes? Great, now say it with a French accent. UPDATE: I was just checking and it looks as though they no longer have a food truck but are in a permanent home. Be sure and check them out there though!) and Europa Roaming Kitchen.

If you need more ideas or want a little more info on trucks around the city, check out this post from Newscastic. They have some great info and even better- MENUS!

What’s your favorite food truck?

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