Field Day Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Earlier this year, my MOMS Club chapter organized a fun little “Field Day” at a local park for one of our monthly events. I hosted with one of the other girls, and together, we came up with a bunch of fun and age-appropriate activities for the kids to participate in. All the kids had a great time, and all of us moms got a kick out of cheering them on. Below I’ve listed some of the activities we used, plus a few more I’ve come up with since then!

Field Day Ideas Albuquerque Moms Blog

Beanbag Toss

This is easy and fun, and is great for developing underhand tossing skills. Lay a few hula hoops flat in the grass. Let each child take a turn aiming the beanbags for the hula hoops. Give them a point for every bag that lands inside one of the hoops.

Ring Toss

I actually got this idea from an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! Set a sturdy object in the grass (in the episode they use a pumpkin, but the object could be anything sturdy.) Let each child take a turn aiming to land a hoop around the object.

Volcanoes and Craters

We play this game with my soccer team, and it’s simple and fun. Set out a bunch of sports cones, with half standing upright and the other half knocked down. Then split the kids into two teams. One team will be standing cones up, and the other team will be knocking cones down. Time them, and let them run wild! When time is up, count how many cones are upright vs. knocked down, and whichever team got the highest number of cones wins! This game can really expend a lot of energy, so maybe give them 30-45 seconds for each round – much more than that, and they’ll be pooped!

Pillowcase Race

Gather some old pillowcases and put them to good use! This is just like a potato sack race, but pillowcases are a better size (and easier to come by) for little ones. In my experience, the younger kids don’t quite have the coordination to hop AND propel themselves forward just yet, so try this one with the kids 4 and up.

Egg on a Spoon Race

For this one, we used plastic spoons and plastic Easter eggs. Have them get from the start to the finish and then back to the start again, all while balancing the egg on the spoon. If the egg drops, have them stop, put it back on the spoon, and keep going. Fair warning…the kids were OBSESSED with opening the eggs to see if there were treats inside. It was still really fun, though!

Obstacle Course

Get creative for this one – pop-up tunnels for crawling through, cones for weaving through, a jump rope laid out like a tightrope for balancing, etc. You could also use the playground for this! We had a lot of obstacles laid out, and the kids had a hard time remembering where to go next and what to do when they got there. My suggestion would be to have each child’s parent guide them throughout the course.

Other Fun Ideas

  • Set up some small pop-up goals and bring some soccer balls to kick around for fun.
  • Bubbles. Because kids LOVE bubbles!
  • If there’s a sidewalk nearby, bring some chalk. You could even set up a game of hopscotch!
  • One of the girls that came to our field day brought juice boxes and snacks for all the kids. It was such a sweet idea, and everyone loved their refreshments after playing so hard!

For our field day, there were around 12-15 kids that participated, which felt a little chaotic. The more the merrier; just make sure you have enough supplies. With a large group, I’d also suggest including lots of adults willing to round up kiddos and give instructions.

The weather has been great, and I think we all want to soak up as much of that crisp fall air that we can before winter sets in. Now go get some friends together and throw your own field day – I guarantee it’ll be tons of fun!

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