Creating Community Around Halloween

Creating Community Around Halloween from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Creating community around Halloween doesn’t have to be hard.

I love fall. The changing of the leaves, the cooler days, the longer nights. And let’s be real here, fall clothing is the best. Boots anyone? But those aren’t the only things awesome about fall. There are football games, fall carnivals, and pumpkin patches. And let’s not forget about the beginning of the holiday season. With so much happening, there are so many opportunities to create community with those around you. 

Our family really tries to be intentional in creating memories and traditions with our kids, but we also do our best to invite others around us to be a part of them. We are so fortunate to have multiple circles that allow us to connect with people. Church, our children’s school, after school sports and work colleagues are just a few. 

So how does our family create community around Halloween?

We make it an event. 

Not a major hoopla or anything. Just something simple. We use paper plates and plastic forks. We eat frito pie and sometimes posole. Usually there is some form of dessert served. 

There are friends with kids, friends without kids, single people and married couples; we don’t discriminate. We just invite people we love to come hang out with us, share a meal, and go trick or treating. To kill time until sunset(or while some of the parents take the kids out to get candy), we usually have games pulled out as well and just enjoy each others company. It’s a blast.

I think that’s the thing with creating community. It shouldn’t be hard or burdensome. It should be fun and life-giving. If it’s going to drain you or a feeling of dread snakes around you while preparing, it might not be the right thing for you. But if you enjoy being around a full table, laughing and rolling dice, it might be just what you need. Give it a shot this Halloween. You never know what might happen.

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