Best Travel Apps for Young Kids: Duck Duck Moose

Spring Break in Albuquerque is coming up soon. If you have plans to get out of the desert, whether chasing the snow or the sunshine, you need something to keep those littles entertained as you travel. There are so many apps out there that it can be hard to know what to spend your time and money on. No worries though. I’ve done some hands-on research, and I have three kid tested and approved apps that might just save your vacation.

I recently flew from Albuquerque to Orlando by myself with my three kids, five and under. After our flight, two attendants and a fellow passenger came out of their way to comment about how well-behaved my kids were. All I could say was thank goodness for modern technology!

While I was packing and preparing for our trip, I asked my fellow Moms Blog contributors and Facebook friends what their favorite kid’s apps for traveling were. I was given several suggestions. I downloaded at least 10 before setting off on our trip. But of all the apps that I downloaded, three of them were big hits among my kids. Even my 15-month-old was entertained by one of them. 

TRUCKS by Duck Duck Moose 

This is a free app with five different games involving cars and trucks. My three-year-old loves this app. I love that he doesn’t need my help with it. On the plane I had him wear his headphones to play the game. But the music is pleasant, so I don’t mind hearing it when I let him play at home.

MORE TRUCKS by Duck Duck Moose

This app was a life saver for my youngest son who was 15 months old when we traveled. There are four different games involving cars and trucks in this free app. His favorite is one where you simply tap on a car to load it onto the trailer of a truck. He was able to figure out how to do it on his own with minimal help from me. The other games he can’t really do on his own but he likes watching me play them while he sits on my lap.


My daughter, who is 5, really enjoys the coloring aspect of this app. The music is also pleasant and everything is easy for her to navigate on her own. This is also a free app. 

If you have a trip coming up and plan on downloading any of these apps, or others, I would suggest downloading them a few days before you leave. Let them try it at home to get used to it. That way, you’re not showing them how to use it while driving your car or feeding a baby on the plane. Also, if they hate it, you can delete it and try something else before your trip. 

Happy Traveling!

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