Baby Registry: Top Ten Things I’ll Need For My First Baby

I try to be as minimal as possible when it comes to “stuff.” I’m not great at it, but living in a small home really helps curb your shopping/accumulation appetite. When the question, “Where will I put this?” is always coming to mind, you have to really consider whether or not you love it or need it that much. This has become the biggest challenge in gearing up for Baby T’s arrival and creating a comprehensive baby registry.

Baby Registry: Top Ten Things I'll Need For My First Baby from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

“What Do I Actually Need For My Baby?”

What do we actually need and where will we put it? I’ve been in purge mode for months–donating everything I come across that isn’t well-loved, in good shape, or used in recent memory. I give myself substantial kudos for how well I’ve done. Our “nursery” is looking emptier with each passing weekend (a good thing as I need to get the stuff out before I can start bringing the baby stuff in).

The question now is, “What do I actually need for my baby?” It’s hard to know. The last time I was responsible for a baby was almost ten years ago as a nanny. Some of the gear has changed. And my house is a fraction of the size theirs was. Do I really need a bassinet, a rocker, a swing, a pack n’ play, and a crib? What about a wrap and a carrier? If you go by the suggested items most baby stores provide, it seems like you’ll need to build an addition just to fit everything! Creating a baby registry is almost as much work as growing a baby and way more complicated (just kidding!). Surely there are things that we can live without. (I’m looking at you, Fancy Baby Blender who looks just like my Nutri Bullet but smaller and in sweet pea green instead of silver.)

Baby Registry Top Ten

I polled my mom friends and got some great advice on what’s necessary, what’s helpful, and what’s a space luxury. Here’s the top ten list of things they all agree are absolutely necessary and I’ll include on my baby registry.

  1. A carrier of some sort.
  2. A bouncer/rocker. *I’m going for the MamaRoo*
  3. A place for baby to sleep (e.g. a crib, a Rock n’ Swing, a Pack n’ Play, or a co-sleeper).
  4. Diapers and wipes, either cloth or disposable.
  5. A bag that you can use for your diaper bag *I got this one from Stella and Dot already!*
  6. Muslin baby blankets that can be used a myriad of ways. *I’ve heard rave reviews about the Aden and Anais brand but it seems there are lots of options out there*
  7. A stroller *I’m getting a jogging stroller that will fit with the car seat so my jogger is my travel stroller*
  8. A car seat
  9. Something to assist you in safely bathing baby. *I’m registered for the Blooming Bath to save space and my back!*
  10. Baby medicines *The consensus is that you want these before you think you need them so you’re not sending your baby-daddy to the 24 hour CVS at 2 am when Baby has their first fever*

To be totally transparent with y’all, I’m registering for more than just these 10. But it’s important for me (and maybe you too) to remember that a lot of things are cute and sweet but I (and Baby T) can live without them and live less stressfully if I don’t have to figure out where to store them.

Baby Registry: Top Ten Things I'll Need For My First Baby from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

**All the links are to the particular products I’ve registered for or have heard great things about! None of them are affiliate or sponsored.

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