Albuquerque Summer Restaurant Guide for Families

Albuquerque Summer Restaurant Guide for FamiliesSummertime finds me bored with eating at home.  I have no idea why, but I seem to develop an expensive taste for food when it gets hot.  However, eating out at a restaurant occasionally doesn’t have to break the bank, and it helps kill the boredom to try something new!  Below are five of my summer favorites!

Backstreet Grill:

This cute little Old Town cafe has been a favorite of ours since we moved here over a year ago.  In the Summer, it’s even better, because it’s reminiscent of a beachside grill with the open air bar area and deck seating.  I could easily see myself sitting out there in the evening with a chilly drink in my hand while the kids are home with the sitter.  When the kids are in tow, there are many family-friendly (and dog-friendly) tables available, convenient restrooms and good service.  My favorite menu item so far is the beef Street Tacos.  It’s amazing, has plenty of cilantro, mouth-watering beef, and creamy drizzled sauce!  

Kaktus Brewing in Nob Hill:

We just tried this little gem of a restaurant a few weeks ago after reading about it!  It’s a cute building in Nob Hill and boasts the only rooftop seating area in that area.  They have a kid’s menu, aren’t too pricey, and have a slew of brews available for Mom and Dad.  Their menu is quirky and lists anything from hot dogs, to pizza, to a sampler platter of all different kinds of meat like Bison, Elk, Wild Boar and Duck.  Food tastes great and it’s a laid back atmosphere.

Texas Roadhouse:

I know, it’s a big chain, not a local cafe.  But, it’s a favorite restaurant and deserves to be on a list of good summer places to eat.  First, we love how loud it is. Our children’s yelling and fussing is drowned out by the general noise and music.   Also, the kids LOVE to shell the peanuts and throw the shells on the ground.  What kid doesn’t love making a mess??  The menu is extensive, and the kid’s meals are great and you tend to get a lot for your money.  Their steaks are top-notch and require no sauces or fixins. Also, THE ROLLS.  The cinnamon-buttered rolls alone are worth the trip.  Lastly, for families, their call ahead seating is a godsend.  When you have 3 kids under age 7, you don’t want to be waiting more than 10 minutes anywhere.


Another chain restaurant, but one that is VERY family-friendly.  You can’t beat their courteous staff, quick drive-thru service, and indoor playplace.  We often take the kids here to let them play their hearts out while their dad and I get to sit and eat and talk with each other!  Also, it’s great for picnics. Grab yourself a bunch of nuggets, waffle fries, and anything else your heart desires and head to the parks!  Also, Chick-Fil-A does a GREAT catering spread.  And they are definitely among of the best priced.  

The Whole Hog:

For an Eastern US girl from Ohio who has also lived in Georgia a couple years, this restaurant is AWESOME.  We’ve tried many restaurants that claim to have Southern-style BBQ, but let me tell you, it’s not.  And they deliver.  They also have picnic tables outside.  And it’s walled in so the kids can run around.  These guys also do a mean catering spread and are VERY reasonably priced.  In fact, I may have to go there this week, my mouth is watering.


More ideas for great summer eating spots? Comment below, I’m always looking to try a new restaurant.

Honorable mention: Gauva Tree Cafe in Nob Hill…if you like Latin and Caribbean foods or want to feel like you are on vacay for a few minutes, pop over there!



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  1. Karen June 27, 2016 at 11:21 am #

    Have you taken the Railrunner to Santa Fe with your kids? It’s a fun day. The SF railyard is cool and the Cowgirl BBQ, which is just scross the road, has good food, drinks, a nice patio and a fenced in kids play space.