Albuquerque Moms Blog Team: Inaugural Celebration

A few weeks ago our Albuquerque Moms Blog Team celebrated each other. We honored one another. We celebrated our hard work. We celebrated being moms.  These moms work hard to bring their thoughts, opinions and encouragement into words for our local moms to read and connect to.  They are allowing themselves to be vulnerable. It’s a part of researching, educating, and most of all sharing and uplifting one another. Celebrating each other and taking a break from the mundane seems to be the right thing to do, and what better way then having an inaugural celebration for the Albuquerque Moms Blog Team.

Inaugural Celebration hosted at the St. Clair’s Winery

St. Clairs Albuquerque Moms Blog

St. Clair’s Cheese Nosh. Image credit: Licht Photography

I had asked the contributors at a meeting, whats one place they would like to have their celebration hosted, you guessed it. We had our inaugural team party celebrated at St. Clair’s Winery & Bistro in Albuquerque near old town. Their winery is in the heart of the Mimbres Valley in Deming, located in southwest New Mexico. We enjoyed the starter, Cheese Nosh:  a platter with cheese, chocolate, crackers,  salami and fruit. I could have devoured it like a caveman, not because I was hungry, because it was that good. It melted in my mouth.  If you follow us on Facebook you will know, I used my manners. We each were able to sample a taste St. Clair’s Wine, with each person having a different preference the flavors ranged from Red, White, Bubbly, to Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Merlot. The list goes on. I am not a wine Oenophilia, I think if I were, I would have fun at my job.  I felt a little intimidated when the waitress stood there to see what I thought of the wine she chose. Thinking do I need to smell, swirl, drink, or no its swirl, smell, sip?!? I looked at her with that look. You know…”What do I do?” look.

St. Clairs Albuquerque Moms Blog Party

We each enjoyed a salad and choice of Signature entree along with the Cheese Nosh

She made me feel comfortable when she said “You’re okay” knowing what I was thinking without me saying anything. Our waitress was young and I was impressed with her identifying what wine I might like just from asking questions, and bam, out came a sample I enjoyed.  St. Clair trains them well.

It was an honor to celebrate our team and to spoil them for all their hard work. I admire their devotion, their love for moms and writing.

 The most pleasant, possibly humbling, moment for me was when I looked across the table and thought…

“Wow, these women are stronger than they could ever imagine. I am blessed to know them and blessed to have them on the team. They are what makes this dream of reaching out and connecting to local moms, possible.”

I am also thankful for our events photographer, Elisa Hollingsworth. Elisa did an exceptionally great job snapping images that really convey the mood in each photo. I have to tell you, and this might embarrass her, not only is she a great photography, but also a wonderful new mom!!!  She is easy to work with, and once you meet her you will fall in love with her German accent. Elisa is available for family photos, special events, portraits, wedding and more. She can capture any special moments you need.

Thank you St. Clair’s, for a creating an ambiance we wont forget! Thank You Licht Photography; Elisa Hollingsworth for taking the time to capture our special moments.

Thank YOU, our readers and followers, your support is what keeps us going.  And thank you to Albuquerque Moms Blog team.



St. Clairs Albuquerque Moms Blog Party

Not pictured: Bernadette, Katie and Rebecca

Each Team Member received a gift bag full of my favorite things along with gift cards to my favorite places.

St. Clairs Albuquerque Moms Blog Party

Albuquerque Moms Blog Contributor Party

Photo Credit: Licht Photography

St. Clairs Albuquerque Moms Blog Party

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