3 Tips for a Better Morning

3 Simple Tips for a Better Morning

Ah, the morning time.  I don’t know about you but mornings have the power to make or break my day.  If they start off right then my entire day tends to stay on track.  But, If they start out wrong my days can be rough.  Here are tips that I have found helpful to get my morning off to a better start!

3 Tips for a Better Morning

1.  Wake up before your kids

No.  I’m not joking.  Our days get filled up quickly and it’s often difficult to find extra moments for down time.  Don’t even get me started on quiet time which I’m pretty sure is the mommy version of a unicorn.  There ain’t no such thing, Sister!  Set that alarm clock and get ready to rise and shine!  So you are up, now what?  Well it’s really up to you how you use your time but here are a few options to get you started.

Coffee:  I feel this really needs no explanation.  If you don’t drink coffee (please excuse me while I cry into my pillow for a second) then maybe tea?  Water with lemon.  Or maybe just start drinking coffee.  Also, I find my coffee is always better when it is served in a cheery mug.

Quiet Time:  Take some time to enjoy the quiet.  For me this usually consists of reading my Bible, praying, or writing.  It might look different for you and that’s great.  Remember, this is your time.  There is nobody awake in the house to touch you.  If that’s not reason enough to get up early then I just don’t know what is!

Exercise:  If working out in the morning is your jam then by all means, pump that iron!  Hit the pavement!  Namaste your little heart out!

Get Dressed:  Whatever you do to get ready for the day, do it now.  This way, once the littles are up, you will be all ready to go!

Tip:  If your kids spidey-sense goes off the second you wake up and they get up too, consider investing in an alarm clock for them.  We bought an OK to Wake clock for our boys and it (mostly) does the trick!

2.  Be Prepared

I polled my fellow Albuquerque Moms Blog contributors and almost all of them said that preparation the night before was key to making the mornings go smoothly.  Here are some things that I like to prepare in the evening in order to get the day off to a better start.

Prep the coffee:  Just, trust me on this.  Whatever you need to do to prep your coffee pot, do it.  Enough said.

Pick up:  Make sure the kitchen is clean and the house is picked up.  I have found that there is no time for “catch up” during the day so it’s best for me to get off to a fresh and clean start every morning.

Prep for breakfast:  Decide in the evening what you will make for breakfast.  Maybe even make a breakfast casserole at the beginning of the week and eat off of that for a few days.  Or, we are in New Mexico after all, so how about some pre-made breakfast burritos!  Talk to your kids in the evening about what will be served for breakfast the next morning.  We have found that if our boys know what to expect, they tend to be less combative when it comes to eating.  (This works with other things, too!)

Lay out clothes:  Ever find yourself searching for shoes right when you are ready to walk out the door?  Why not get everyone’s clothes ready and accounted for in the evening?  You can even try letting your kids pick out their own clothes.

Make lunches:  If your kids are headed off to school in the morning, have their lunches packed and ready to go.  I find this to be a huge time saver when the morning rolls around!

Think about what frustrates you the most about the mornings and add that to the list of preparations the night before.  It might feel like a pain at first but come morning time, you will be glad it’s done.

3.  Sleep

I know, I know.  Sleep seems to be quite elusive these days so this probably seems like a crazy tip.  But, if there is any way you can get to bed earlier, do yourself a favor and sleep.  Most of the time if I am up late it’s because I’m wasting time on the computer or watching tv.  At the time it always seems like a good idea but at the end of the day, for me, it’s just a waste of time.  Time that I could have spent sleeping.

And finally, for the sake of keeping things real; I did almost none of these things this morning and I wish I had.  What’s that old saying?  Do as I say not as I do.

What are your tips for getting the morning off to a better start?  I’d love to know!





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One Response to 3 Tips for a Better Morning

  1. Rochelle
    Rochelle January 25, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

    Great advice Jess. I am doing the best I can to do all of them, but the exercise. That just has not been a priority these days like it used to be. I need to get back into that. I love your expression to those who dont drink coffee… I hear ya sister!!! I love water with lemon too after the coffee.