2017 Albuquerque Summer Bucket List

2017 Summer Bucket ListAh summer, kids are home from school; the weather is warm and the world is yours for the taking. At least that’s how I feel about summer time. I love summer, and now that I actually have a child who is of school age, I’m beginning to appreciate it even more. Summers go by quickly, and if you don’t have a game plan, it might come and go without you getting to do all you wanted to. That’s why I create a summer bucket list every year. It’s a simple list of things we’d like to do. We don’t always get to everything on the list, but at least we have something to refer to if those dog days of summer ever come around. 

2017 Summer Bucket List

2017 Summer Bucket ListLibrary Summer Reading Program 

This is on our list every year because who doesn’t like rewards for reading? I’m especially excited about it this year as I have a new reader in the house who will need all the motivation and confidence building she can get as we prepare for first grade. 

I’ve also heard that Barnes and Noble gives out books as a part of their summer reading program. We’ve never tried it but I think we will need to this year. 

2017 Summer Bucket ListSwimming 

It’s hard to survive summers in New Mexico without access to a pool. Albuquerque has many public pools and splash pads around town with entrance fees are reasonable. However, their hours have always interfered with my kid’s nap times. Because of that, we get a gym membership over the summer specifically for the pool. We love the pools at Sports and Wellness. They have locations all over town, with indoor and outdoor pools, gated kid’s pools and free childcare with your membership. FREE childcare. Need I say more?

Old Town 

Believe it or not, we’ve never done Old Town with our kids. In fact, I think I’ve only been there once in the 9 years I’ve lived in Albuquerque. But a friend told me about the Rattle Snake Museum. So I think we will check it out and maybe have lunch or ice cream afterwards. 

2017 Summer Bucket ListTraveling 

One of the best ways to beat the desert heat is to get out of the desert. Summer time often finds our family in one of our favorite places, Colorado. In particular, Pagosa Springs Colorado. In fact, I wrote a whole post on all the fun things to do in Pagosa here.

Coffee Shops 

A few months ago, you never would have found me entering a coffee shop with my 3 kids in tow. But my sweet friend recently introduced me to a whole new world of coffee shops where kids are welcome and actually encouraged to come with play places and toys set out for them. Napoli and Epiphany are our new favorites. You can read up on these shops on our Local Coffee Shop Tour.


My kids think that going to Target Uptown is a treat all in its own. I also love to browse the shops at ABQ Uptown and grab lunch at McAlisters. You can’t beat the price of their kids meals.

Fallout Trampoline Park

The idea of a trampoline park and my toddler scares me a little but I was pleasantly surprised with Fallout. The space is not too big, and I could easily keep an eye on all three of my kiddos.

Summer Movie Express

One dollar kid’s movies at participating theaters on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Yes please!

Check out this guide to all the free and cheap summer movies in the Albuquerque area. 

For more fun ideas, be sure to check out my 2016 and 2015 Summer Bucket List as well. And please, tell us what’s on you summer bucket list?

Happy Summer!

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