Ten Traditional 10-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ten Traditional 10-year Anniversary gift IdeasToday my Husband and I celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary.  We don’t normally stick to the traditional anniversary gifts, but ten years is kind of a big deal, so I thought it would be a good year to start.  That was, however, before I realized that the traditional ten year gift is tin.  Yes, that’s right.  Tin – also known as the most difficult thing to gift.  Ever.

I did some brain storming and had to dig pretty deep, but I’m happy to say that I came up with some fun and easy traditional-ish gift ideas!  Today, I am sharing them with you!  (For the sake of ease, I’ve taken the liberty of grouping all things metal into the tin category).

So ready?  Here we go!


Ten Traditional 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

10. Tin picture frame – Find a fun picture frame and fill it withTen Traditional 10-year anniversary gift ideas a favorite photo of you and your guy.  I found a frame at my local Hobby Lobby.

Ten Traditional 10-year anniversary gift ideas9. Tin DIY – Make your own hammered tin masterpiece (sign, plaque, candle holder, etc.,).  You can buy sheets of metal as well as metal stamping kits at your local craft store.  If you are the crafty and creative type, this is a great way to make something personal and one of a kind for your husband.

8.  Cocktail shaker – Every man needs a nice, solid cocktail shaker in his life.  Am I right?  I like this one from Pottery Barn and you can even have it monogrammed for a more personal touch.

7.  Camping cup, plate, utensils, etc. – This is a fun a practical gift if you are a camping family.  If you don’t camp, consider finding a nice insulated water bottle. Our family is a huge fan of Hydroflask products.  They keep your beverage hot or cold and have a lot of color and size options to choose from!

6.  Beer (or soda):  Grab some cans of beer from one of our fabulous local Breweries!  La Cumbre is a favorite of mine and you can even find their beer at the grocery store.  If your guy isn’t a beer drinker, pick up a six pack of his favorite soda.

5.  Lavender lip salve from Los Poblanos – This is another great local find!  I picked mine up at whole foods but if you’ve never been down to the farm shop at Los Poblanos, it is worth the trip.  I think it’s one of the most magical places in the city!

4.  Tin foil – Ok, you’ve got me, tin foil is a terrible gift.  It can, however, make great gift wrap!  Once you have your special gift go ahead and wrap it in some foil and call it a day!

3.  Tin Pail – Again, not a great gift but it does make a great vessel for other fabulous gifts! Find a tin pail and fill it up with some goodies or maybe even include items for a date night out!Ten Traditional Ten year anniversary gift ideas

2.  Tin Cufflinks – I found these great cufflinks on Etsy.

1.   Tin can planter – Dig through your recycle bin and grab out an old tin can. Once you peel off the label (and maybe give it a little paint) you have a perfect pot for a small plant!

There you have it!  Some simple yet traditional 10-year anniversary ideas.  I hope that this list is helpful and, if nothing else, serves as a jumping off point for you to come up with your own creative tin gifts!

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