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Hello all of you Albuquerque Moms! I’m Jennifer Bryant. 


I am a transplant here in Albuquerque (I know many of you are as well). But I have grown to love it, and now I do not hesitate to call it home.  I love Albuquerque’s weather, balloons, green chile, and breakfast burritos!  I lived in Iowa until I was 21 and got married to my husband Adam. We started our adventure as a couple in California for a year before moving to Albuquerque.  We have lived here now since 2004, with the exception of an 18 month work assignment in Dublin, Ireland. During our time in Ireland, we explored the wonderful country, and we made some lifelong friends. 

When we returned to Albuquerque about 2 years ago, we realized how much we really love this place! It definitely feels like home now, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  The mountains, the sunshine, and the electric blue skies have really stolen my heart.

Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland summer 2014


Two weeks after I graduated college from Iowa State University, I got married to my husband, Adam. We both love to travel, and so we waited a little while before deciding we were ready for kiddos. Besides living in Ireland, we have traveled to many places in Europe, Africa, and South America. I love exploring new countries and trying new foods!  Many of our travels have included our 2 children, Joshua (7 years old), and Claire (3 years old). They are both great little travelers, and they also enjoy trying new things and experiencing new places.  Joshua absolutely loves to read and tell jokes. He is very much an encourager and is always giving high-fives to his friends. Claire is a natural nurturer and is always taking care of her babies. She is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses.


Growing up in Iowa meant that we mostly ate meat, potatoes, and corn. I hadn’t ever even tried fish or Chinese food until college! My family’s idea of a vegetable was either corn or peas, and they were usually served with a baked potato. We did occasionally eat pasta as my dad’s family is Italian. I think it was our narrow way of eating that spurred me on to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics. Fifty years ago my degree meant I would have worked in a hospital or a nursing home cooking food for large quantities of people. Now it means so much more than that. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I teach and counsel people to live healthier lifestyles by changing the way they eat.

I absolutely LOVE helping people reach their health goals using food. In addition to Albuquerque Moms Blog, I write on my own blog, where I hope to encourage, inspire, and lead readers in the right direction to make their families healthier through good nutrition. I also hope to share cooking tips and recipes on Albuquerque Moms Blog that you and your kids will love!


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